Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Really Am a Big Kid Now

Howdy ladies. And man. I wanted to tell you a few things today:

1. I am going to school (Mother's Day Out) next year and I'm excited.
2. My sister Charlie bugs me and wants to do only what I do all the time. Anybody want a new sister?
3. My other sister that isn't here yet is looking good and the doctor said she was stable, whatever that means.
4. The doctor also told Mommy and Daddy that she weighs about 5 pounds already and that this was good news. To me that sounds puny but maybe because I'm so big. I'm in the 40-45 lb. range myself.
5. Have a good day. I'm going to the park now.


Emily said...

Ty-- love the backpack, so sporty!! You be sweet to your sisters and have fun at the park! You will for sure be the coolest kid in MDO next year!

Carley said...

too cute for words! he is in such a cute stage!

Jenny Seymore said...

I love that it was Ty that gave us the positive updates! Yea for Joy!