Friday, March 13, 2009

Whining Today: Prepare Yourself

Update: Cardiologist appointment went fine. Joy's heart looks good except for one thing that will correct itself once the tumor is gone. The side touching the tumor is a little smaller because of restricted space but the Dr. said she wasn't worried and that it will fix itself. I do have to go again in a month to have her take another look but I know it's better to be safe so it's ok. 

The last few days have been hard. Not hard in the eternal sense but hard in the physical and emotional exhaustion sense...Master Ty would get better then develop new symptoms. On the bright side, I learned you can give a toddler (especially one the size of a four year-old,) Imodium AD for kids. Does that paint a pretty picture for you as far as one of his main symptoms? It was so pitiful watching him walk around in circles and his stomach hurt, he just whined, and it was non stop. I don't know what it would have been like had I been by myself. Well yes I do--It would have been ugly. And I'm not even proud of how it went with both of my parents helping but I'm just glad it's over. Spring, even your storms don't scare me now and I'm ready for you!

On to happier topics, two of my favorite people are going through very exciting things right now that I can't quite share but my heart just overflows for both of them...just to throw you off a little it's two separate people, not a couple. Just know I'll tell as soon as I'm allowed :)

We are back at home now and I'm doing I think about 5 loads of laundry today. I'm about to walk out the door to go to the pediatric cardiologist to have a sonogram. If I haven't mentioned this one before it's because I think it won't reveal any big news...apparently it's normal protocol to check an unborn baby's heart to make sure it could handle surgery after birth. Yippee. A whole new doctor! I'm hoping it's just this one time and I'll never see the lady again. No offense lady. I'll update when I get back!


Lisa said...

Oh wow...who did you see for your pediatric cardiologist? That is what I did for 9 years at Childrens in Dallas...I miss it so much!

Carley said...

Praying for you right now! Glad the sickness has gone away...once again!