Wednesday, March 4, 2009

29 Week Update

29 weeks
What it really looks like under there. I've had this shirt since I was pregnant with's an XL and I'm already in it. Should I be worried? As I've said before, the bigger the better and the quicker they sleep all night.

An update from yesterday: Joy looks great! Big, stable, and moving a ton. To me the fluid situation looked a little worse today but Dr. BE (Brown-Elliot) insisted it was still stable and she told me to stop worrying. If you have to meet with a doctor because your baby is sick, she is probably the IDEAL person to meet with. She's funny, wants to talk about anything but the worst case scenario, and is really easy to be around. We asked her questions today about her training--just making small talk--and found out she had to finish her residency in obstetrics and then did two extra years in maternal/fetal specialty training. Good Lord she must be smart. And way more into school than I ever was. I thought the two years in grad school was gonna kill me.

I had the best day today! First, the kids slept peep out of either one of them until 7:30 so Sean and I were both awake and milling around before they woke up. After we all got ready Sean left with the kids and I had the day off. Within maybe 20 minutes I was bored by myself in our house. Isn't that weird when you look so forward to a few moments of solitude then you start looking for people to talk to? I headed to the mall because I needed some serious makeup to help with pigment issues...also known as what appears to be a mustache thanks to pregnancy. It was so dark when I was pregnant with Charlie that I tried to wax it only to find out nothing came off on the little strip. It is on my skin. I don't get the line on my stomach but this is my issue. After a small panic attack I decided to tackle problems I can actually solve and start depending on concealer/foundation. The expensive kind. 

By now you know I'm trained to wait for a good deal. In makeup terms that means you wait for the best possible free gift. Don't lie--you've done it too. Even if you're loyal to a certain brand you eye the other ones if they've got a cute bag or a tube of lipstick in a wearable shade. And as I walked into Macy's what to my wandering eyes should appear but a fabulous free gift at the Clinique counter. How's this for luck--today was the first day of the gift so had I gone yesterday I would have missed out not only on the good lipstick color but the purple eyeshadow that was also part of the loot. Look out Spring. Here I come. With a lovely shade of lilac on my eyes.

Wait there's more. I went to Target after that and then Sam Moon, and after my appt. we went to Patrizio's for dinner. It was maybe the most perfect day in a long time. Finished off by a husband who ordered a Tiramisu to go so I'd have a memorable breakfast today. And it's not even my birthday! 

Speaking of birthdays, congratulations Brandi and David--just got an e-mail that Presley Evans Pemberton made her entrance into the world today. If I knew how to grab the picture from the e-mail and put it here for you to see I would...still in need of some picture/video training. Brandi is my friend that I mentioned recently who said, "Are you kidding me?" in response to motherhood in general. She's a hoot! Brandi, if by some strange twist of events you're reading this, congratulations on your new beauty! Love you! 


We Three Smiths + 1 said...

Ha! You are making me laugh so hard...I LOVE the free gift! You hit the jackpot getting a Clinique free gift..they are the BEST! I'm so glad things look good with Joy and you look fabulous! I only hope to look that good at 29 weeks!

Jenny Seymore said...

Hmm, I am a makeup freak. The bad part is that there are more days of the week that I go without makeup than days that I actually wear it! I seem to miss out on all the loot sales, but every female in my family gives me those makeup kits for Christmas. Anybody need one? I have about 6 unopened sets! Glad to hear/read you so happy!!

Carley said...

Hey! That is a great day! I saw the Clinque gift and was going to go get something just to get the gift. ha! Love the belly are so cute prego. Also, I can show you how to put pics from an email into your blog. That's what I did with my very first blog post. I can tell you over the phone. Have a good day in Denton.

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful! I can't believe you're already 29 weeks! And I feel ya on the preggo skin issues. I'm still dealing with mine... thank the Lord for make-up! So happy to hear Joy is doing so well... it won't be long!

Lisa said...

You look beautiful!!!! You are workin' those jeanes and shirt. Big babies are the best the bigger the better:)

Michelle said...

You look great! I can totally understand your big baby thoughts! I am technically three weeks out, and they are estimating Kate to be 8 pounds 8 ounces. If one more person comments on how "uncomfortable" I look... Glad everything is going well with Joy! We will keep up the prayers!