Tuesday, March 3, 2009

For Karen

UPDATE: All good! Stable and growing well. I'll give full update tomorrow.

When my mom told her friend Karen, whom we call kAren (long A) that she was pregnant with me, Mom must have mentioned how overwhelmed and freaked out she was about it. See, Mom and Dad were planning on two kids. Emmy was 2 and Graham was 9 months old and suddenly Mom was really tired and nauseous, but confident she wasn't pregnant again. She was. Sounds mighty familiar to me...I was an accident and I've known that my entire life. It doesn't bother me in the least because my parents always said, "Well, now what would we do WITHOUT you?" I imagine I'll maybe have that exact same conversation with Joy one day. 
kAren made Mom this little pillow soon after she found out about me and when she gave it to Mom said, "Pam, it'll be okay. We'll all get through this!" Mom always kept the pillow and I think it was always in my room. Recently when I was in Waxahachie Mom gave it to me to put in the girls' room. This little pillow has such significance! The funny part of this story is that yesterday when I replied to an e-mail from kAren I told her I had the pillow and she didn't remember anything about it. Ha! 

We have a sonogram today and I'll let y'all know what we see...hoping for no big news. Sean's mom is coming to watch the kids so we can go eat dinner afterward. What a treat! 


We Three Smiths + 1 said...

My little sister, seven years younger than myself, was definitely an accident...and I don't know what I would do without her. She is the most amazing person and in all honesty as I sit here typing this I realize that she and you and Joy are actually not accidents at all. God wanted you all here and that just makes you unexpected, but definitely not an accident! Good luck today!!!

Carley said...

Yes, lets make sure we get another preg pic ASAP! :)

Emily said...

Thank God for accidents:)

Carley said...

I'd say Joy is a surprise...not an accident! :) hee hee! God knows just what he's doing!