Friday, March 20, 2009

Ty's Trip to Disneyland

At this point you're thinking I go to Northpark often. Before last weekend I hadn't been in probably 6 months. It was a long 6 Nattie and Emmy met me and the little man for a day at Northpark and it was, as Ty would say, "Sooo fun." True to form, I forgot that Bible study was cancelled (Spring Break,) and had my babysitter come to watch Charlie. Last night I got the reminder e-mail--thanks Dana--and decided to make the most of a little alone time with Ty and got the girls to join. It didn't take much coaxing.
Look out movie stars and fancy North Dallas ladies. Ty has arrived in his light up shoes and Momma's sunglasses.
He LOVED the fountain. Lots of flapping and jumping.
Eating lunch with Nattie. You can see what's left of a crepe on the plate by Mom. We ordered two dessert crepes from the Crepe Maker at the food court--my current favorite thing about Northpark--and I ate a whole one by myself. If you shop there and haven't seen the Crepe Maker please go there right now and get one. They didn't even pay me to say that. It is on the outer edge of the food court and if I had a sense of direction at all I could tell you which corner but I don't so good luck finding it.
Aunt Emmy you're so silly.
Someone in my Bible study group asked me one time why my kids were sitting so still at Chick-Fil-A and I patted myself on the back and said, "Smarties." Yes my parenting strategies should be recorded and given to new moms.

First, they DON'T always sit still while eating. However, I have three tricks that Nattie taught me.

1. Always get them good and hungry before you sit down in public with them to eat. If they are hungry they'll be excited to eat. If your kids are big drinkers like mine, bring at least two full cups of water/juice/milk whatever in case the restaurant doesn't have what they like.
2. Bring a treat, toy, something they don't get unless you're out to eat.
3. Discipline them. Teach them that sometimes they HAVE to sit and blend in with society. Whatever method you choose, discipline your kids! It is biblical! Will they scream at you and throw a bigger fit? Probably. Will they arch their backs and still try to get out of wherever you put them? Probably. Will you want to hide under something for a little while afterward? Probably. But then they start getting it...if you are consistent they will learn that you mean business. If not you'll end up like the man we saw today who was saying to his 3 year-old, "Don't hit me, don't hit Daddy," and guess what--he kept getting hit.

All of this coming from someone who is still skittish about taking my kids too many public places without another adult there to help. But I'm an idealist, what can I say. I'd like to think one day we'll resume life with the masses and my kids will be somewhat obedient.
Looking at the turtles and ducks, which we can remember doing as kids. Mom said there used to be penguins in these little ponds. I don't remember but that's not saying much.

Emmy and Nattie, we had a great time with you today. Thanks for meeting us and helping me keep him entertained and under control!


Michelle said...

I love your eating out advice and totally agree! I can't wait until Kate can get out of the house. Our first planned outing is to Northpark! Woo Hoo!

Carley said...

I love how he's looking at your mom and smiling in the one pic. I totally remember penguins in the pond at Northpark. What a fun morning for you!! I'm so glad you got to do that today. And TOMORROW is your birthday!! Woohoo!!

Claire said...

Looks like a lovely day! And happy birthday for tomorrow!


Miss Mommy said...

Love the post.

Happy birthday!!!!!