Friday, March 6, 2009

I Should Have a Rolodex for Doctors

If I could take a picture and show you what I look like right now I'd get a good laugh out of you but thankfully you can just trust me: it ain't pretty. It involves a strapless shirt not exactly made for a pregnant person. Sean just came outside and said, "Nice." That's his way of saying, "I love you no matter what but this is pushing it." Ha! It is gorgeous weather here-79 degrees and sunny. Makes the fact that I have tonsillitis and would rather eat popsicles than anything else seem just fine. It's popsicle weather.

We get to add another doctor to our list today. Charlie is going to the kiddie lung doctor at 3:00 for the first time and I'm taking her. My sister-in-law Amy takes Charlie's cousin Cole to the same doctor and she's told me to prepare for at least 2 hours per visit. Tempting as it is to send Sean instead since he's home I really like going to the doctor--especially a first visit--with the kids. Are you the same way? Is that a control thing? Sean really remembers more than I do in the heat of the moment therefore he's the better candidate but I always want to go. :)

The only person in my neighborhood that I know came by yesterday while we were out in the front yard and I learned some exciting news. Ty will turn 3 in September and before we found out about Joy, (first pregnant,) we had planned on signing him up for MDO next year. Then we found out we were having another baby and the thought(s) of what might happen trying to drag three kids into any building at one time scared me and I put it off. Then a few months later I started asking around and calling churches and found out it's expensive around here. Mainly because even if you want the child to only go one day a week, (what I was looking for,) you still had to pay for two. This was my logic behind the one day thing: Sean is home Saturday afternoon/evening through Tuesday night. If Ty went to school two days a week one of the only days his Daddy is home he'd be gone a big chunk of the day. That's no good. And there's just something wrong with the idea of paying for a day when there's no way he'd be going. So I gave up. I'm what you call a fast giver-upper about things like this. I should work on that.

Anyway, I really gave up once we found out that Joy might have surgery at some point but kept wanting the option for Ty since I feel like it will be hardest for him at that point to stay home all the time. There's just something about having to be at home all the time with an infant isn't there? Now that mine are mobile I'm honestly dreading that part a little bit. Just being honest. Back to yesterday: this neighbor goes to a different church than we do and was asking about my plans for the Fall and told me her church, (a very reputable one in our area,) has a one day a week option. WOOHOOO! I haven't stopped thinking about it since. I think he'd love it and it would be something only he got to do...and it's about 10 minutes from our house. I'm so excited.

Oh good Lord I just looked at my watch--gotta get little miss up and get moving. Enjoy the weather if you are in the Dallas area today. I hear it's gonna get cold again this weekend. :(


Carley said...

Don't tell Jason that your idea of cold is in the 60's. Ha! :) It is a great day today, though. Hope the appointment goes well....just think you get a mani after it.

Michelle said...

We go to a lung doctor in Frisco and LOVE him! The visits are long, but Brody has improved so much.

Michelle said...

Yes...Kid Lungs and we love it! Did you see Dr. Rembecki? We now only have to go once every three months but have been on breathing treatments twice a day for over a year. This season has been so much better than the last. During the summer we took it down to one treatment. Everyone there is so nice. Maybe we will bump into you sometime.

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

Hope the Doctor appointment goes well! I send Ryder to MDO one day a week and it really works well. Gets him out around some other kids and away from me a little bit...he really seems to enjoy it! Hopefully that will work out for ya!