Monday, March 23, 2015

Here's looking at you, 36

My birthday was Saturday. Since my family was together it was a great day even though it rained most of the day.

36, what will you have in store? Here are some ideas.

My newest passion is furniture. Not just painting, redoing it completely. I'm learning how to build too!

This was an unfinished wood dresser from IKEA that I kept in the girls' closet. Now that it's fancy it'll be in my room, at least for a while.

The coffee table that has been 1,000 colors

Mom's happy place=all of her kids together again

It's gonna be a great year 😊

Friday, March 20, 2015

That was fast

December to March, that was fast. To get back in the groove of writing consistently ice got to give up on the illusion that I'll ever catch up. So...

I took this two nights ago at my parents house. I know, right. Wow.

Graham and his family are here so we've stuffed 3 weeks of fun into 4 days. Giddy up.

Spring break was last week...and rather than flooding you with pictures too soon, (pacing myself since I've got 3 months worth to show you,) I'll leave it at this.

Oh yes we did. I'm still tired.