Sunday, May 31, 2009

My View

From where I'm sitting, things look pretty good don't you think? We have a full day today. I got to go (by myself!) down to Dallas to see Emmy join her new church and then just drove up to Denton to see Sean's family. We made it through Sean's first trip so that's reason enough to celebrate. My sister-in-law has a birthday today so there will be a house full of people and cake to boot. It's not hot enough to be miserable yet so I'm headed outside. Happy Sunday!

Friday, May 29, 2009

A Great Day to Be Alive

Growing up in a relatively small town (that now has its own Target!) we always had something growing across the road from my house. Corn was a favorite thanks to Field of Dreams and I remember trying to pick cotton occasionally--that really hurts if you've never done it--and this year there is wheat growing and it is just beautiful. On Saturday while I was feeding Joy Sean took Ty and Max out into the field to take pictures. Clearly Sean thought about how nervous it would make me to have my child out in the weeds-okay wheat-knowing how many snakes are surrounding my parents' house. He was sly to do it while I wasn't paying attention. The reward of his sneakiness was these pictures and what can I say...I didn't get mad at him. We're going to make the one of Ty big enough for our entryway we like it so much. He looks so old! 

P.S. I feel better knowing Max was scouting for critters out in the field by Ty. Not that I would want him to be bitten by a snake or anything but it is his job to protect the family and all. 

Okay so let's get real for a minute. Real honest. Things around here have been tricky the last few days. See, Sean went back to work this weekend and for the first time in about a month he is not here to help keep Ty's world in order. My little man is JUST LIKE my big man--he needs a schedule and order and repetition. The apple fell right under the tree in this case. Thankfully Charlie is like me and couldn't care less about any of those things :) Anyway, even with Mimi coming and Nattie staying the whole time Sean is gone, his world is a rockin' and he is, as Sean puts it, livin' on the edge. He averages about 25 fits a day, or should I say attempted fits. He knows he gets in trouble when he reaches a certain point so he goes right up to the edge of it and when I get onto him he stops. It is causing some edginess in me but I know why he's doing it so I am able to (mostly) keep myself under control. How humbling is it that a two year-old, (yes almost 3 year-old,) can tell exactly what it takes to push momma to the breaking point. 

I was so worried about Charlie that it has been a bit of a surprise how Ty is reacting to the new dynamic. I'm praying for patience and clarity for how to respond and teach him. I just know he's confused about where his Daddy is and why he hasn't come back yet. Sean will be home tomorrow night and I'm sure he'll feel VERY loved and missed when Ty sees him. That in itself will be well worth the parenting struggles. Maybe. 

Having Nattie here is extremely helpful--she's like the energizer bunny (unlimited energy and devotion to Ty,) so it's not nearly as rough as it would be otherwise. Here's hoping by the time I'm totally on my own for four days oh dear God the thought my energy level will be back to 100 % and I'll be ready. 

For now, it's still a great day to be alive and it's also a humbling experience. My old boss used to tell us that if we wanted to learn how to be like Christ we should get married and if we wanted to feel the pain and suffering that Christ went through for us we should have children. Amen brother, Amen. 

Thursday, May 28, 2009

18 Months

Charlie in her happy place...almost. She gets in and out of the swing 35 times every time we go where a swing is. This is a normal outfit for her while Daddy is in charge. 

Man did this girl love this toy. Since she didn't crawl or walk for a long time she got some serious mileage out of the jumperoo. She would get going really fast and giggle until she choked. The highlight of her life was when Ty would drop by to push the buttons for her. 
At the Turkey Trot right after her 1st Birthday. Aunt Emmy could cancel any workout regimen she has because of how much she lifts Charlie when we are all together. Do you like how I just left her PJ's on and put her t-shirt over them? It was COLD. 

Charlie has grown up so much in the last few months it seems like she's older than she is...but she's still a baby. She doesn't want help walking and will pull pretty hard to make you let go of her hand. She doesn't need much to entertain her and would be happy to have a few sticks and maybe something to stick them in. See.

One of the moments when she couldn't care less what her brother is/was doing. Those are rare.
Because, well, he does.
Charlie was just a few hours old in this picture. In the hospital she cried once that I remember. I heard she didn't even cry in the nursery. She slept most of her life away for the first few months and we were grateful for her and her demeanor. And we still are.
Oh Hi mom! I didn't know you were there. These were the days before the hair took over.
This seems to be her picture face. I love this picture of her because her eyes look so blue--they are blue but my goodness she'd be like a baby eye model if they were really this blue. Do they have baby eye models? No I don't think so.
My little monkey before her monkey days. 
She poses for her Daddy now when he holds up his camera. What a gem!
She sat and watched her brother play at the park for many months until she was finally ready to join in. Now it's harder to get her to leave than him when it's time to go home and she puts up a good fight. Soon after breakfast she finds her shoes and holds onto the doorknob. We have never (okay rarely,) taken them right outside without first going upstairs so we can get dressed. She keeps trying though. Persistent little thing.

As of today she says: Bye bye, Daddy, Momma, Outside, Yeah, Down, Done, and Hi. She says a whole lot of other things but we have no idea what the actual words are :) 

My Charlotte Mae is as good as they come and I can hardly believe how fast she has grown. I'm so glad God knew better than I did what I needed when He sent her to me. I thought He was crazy there for a while...

Monday, May 25, 2009

What Could Be Better Than a Toy You Can Drink From?

Having a cousin drink from it too. This is Henry, my brother's son. He's a trip. I'm so glad my family came up today to spend the holiday with us. Watching a little boy who just might act enough like his daddy to be hysterical at such a young age, (he'll be 2 in July,) makes even a super hot day fun. No Ty does not have any shorts on. Yes we let them drink the water. No they did not develop any weird rashes.

Isn't She Lovely

Isn't she wonderful...

Happy Memorial Day. Once the day is done and baths are over I'm going to post a few more pics of the festivities. It involves drinking dirty water. And children. My children.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Apparently You CAN Buy Happiness

As my mom said, "We got our 99 cents worth out of it just with these two pictures."

Big Lots decorations to the entertainment rescue once again. We drove down to Waxahachie yesterday to see my family for the day. My brother, sister-in-law and nephew came into town and we all played for a few hours. By played I mean we all talked and watched the kids study each other and fight over toys. The sharing award goes to Ty I have to say...he really liked his cousin Henry this trip!! He shared with Henry so much better than he does Charlie. Why is that? It's like they know even at a young age that they have to live with their siblings but can leave their cousins so why not have fun with them while you can. 

Sean has been helping me at night with Joy, (along with my mom the nights she is here,) so I told him that today he needed to go see the new Terminator movie since he's been wanting to go for like 6 months since we saw the first trailer. He didn't argue. My first afternoon with three kids--granted it will be nap time, (Sean is a smart man) but I'm ready! Happy weekend!

Friday, May 22, 2009

This is it!

Okay y'all this is it for a while. Those of you who have been annoyed with me for changing my blog every day, this is my favorite. Until one of you talented gals (Heather, Joy) makes over my blog for me, we're sticking with it.

On a totally unrelated note, I just went out to find a few things for this in-between time (clothes,) because Sean gave me $ for Mother's Day just for that. A recommendation for you: don't try on clothes two weeks after you have a baby no matter how you delivered. It just doesn't make you feel great about how things are settling...or not settling in this case. And for those of you who commented on my post about the pretty dress, they are already out of any size that could possibly work for me. That pretty dress flew off the racks! Apparently I do have good taste after all.

Finally, baby Joy had her two week appt this morning and we got all good news! She now weighs 9 pounds and has grown over an inch -she's almost 23 inches long. Her lungs sound perfect and she is doing so well sleeping for me (us) we couldn't be happier. Who'd have thought things would level off this much in our house? Stay tuned...I'm sure something will fall apart soon!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Family=From 0-5 in 4 years

Well there you have it...the quickest photo shoot ever for a family consisting of three children less than three years old. I've mentioned before that Sean is a photographer. A link to his business in my list of websites but here is a link to it directly. He loves taking pictures and I think he's pretty great at it. My mom was here when we did this shoot (thank God!) so she did everything from dress the kids to click the family picture once Sean got it all set up. We call her his assistant. :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


about a pretty new dress like this. If it didn't cost what it does I might look into it as a motivation dress. When given a choice of what to eat for the next few weeks, I'll consider the impact that what I eat will have on Joy. Trying to be careful, I avoid salad, anything spicy, caffeine--I still have a little but nowhere near what I had while pregnant--and stick to a bland, comfort food diet. Nursing burns calories so don't worry that I'm not eating enough. I can out-eat most teenage boys. And I plan on it. But see, there's a wedding coming up (love you Bonnie!) and it would be fun to find a new pretty dress to wear to it to celebrate the wedding and having a baby...without looking like I'm still pregnant. A dress like this would do the trick even if I don't succeed. Isn't it cute?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Carley is in labor!


and I were planning on one last play date this afternoon before her little boy arrives. She was due the 14th and no baby...She had a Dr. appt this afternoon and was going to come over right after it. When I answered the phone I said, "Are you all done?" She said, "Nope! My water just broke!"

So exciting! I'll update when I can here and for those of you who know Carley say a prayer (or 10) for her strength. She's determined to go natural for her delivery so we are going to pray that the Lord gives her exactly what she needs. I can't imagine since I've never even been in real labor minus the hour I was waiting on my epidural while laboring with Ty. That hour was one of the hardest of my life so you ladies that can do it make me look like a big sissy. Or is it sissie?

It doesn't boy Stevenson is on his way!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

So How Are You REALLY Doing?

I love my friends. I have good non-pushy but caring friends. I've been asked the question, "Okay, how are you REALLY doing?" a few times the last few days so I guess a real update is in order.

Update on Joy:
*she sleeps 3-4 hours between feedings and really sleeps the entire time. Her eyes have been open for a combined total of 2 hours since she was born. I'm not kidding. Dream baby so far. I love her. Not just because of this.

*we got a good report on her at her first pediatrician visit. I had to use the hospital pediatrician because you're well aware of how far we drive to go to our real one. She doesn't exactly do rounds an hour away consistently so for those first few days our babies see someone else. I don't trust someone else nearly like I trust Dr. Fowers so it was a great day Thursday to get a thumbs up.

*She had jaundice when we came home, (a first for me,) so they checked her levels and she has improved.

*She's back up to 8 lbs. 6 oz. so we're hopeful and confident she'll be back up to birth weight by her 2 week check-up. Woohoo for momma's milk production! And double woohoo for momma's very-worth-the-money Medela pump giving her a break from the pain. I nursed her yesterday and she hasn't forgotten how to do that so I feel confident we will continue our routine going back and forth between the two.

*She is a big hit with everyone, and even the other kids are happier with her than we anticipated.

Update on Charlie:
*She seems much better than she was last week sickness-wise, (I know that's not a real word,) but just started coughing again last night. Hoping she doesn't get any worse.

*She wants to touch Joy but obeys when we say, " easy," and just lightly pats her. I was most worried about what my bulldozer of a girl would do to the baby but she's such a toucher I think she will be okay with enough lap time with me and her daddy.

*The first time she saw Joy she laughed at her and kind of pointed then ran away and played. Whew. No eyeball poking from the get-go. Relief.

*She is killing her brother trying to do exactly what he does at all times. She doesn't seem to be bothered at all by him leaving the room when she walks in. The girl is confident that in time he will want to be her friend. I love that about her.

Update on Ty:
*The first morning I was home and he came downstairs he said, "Hi Mom!" and clapped. That was enough for me to know he missed me. I knew better than to expect a dramatic hug/cry and emotional reunion. He walked over to me and I hugged him but he pushed right past me and said, "Waffles?" True to form, the boy wakes up thinking about breakfast just like his momma.

*We had our cameras ready for the big reveal and sat down on the couch after breakfast so he could meet Joy. She was in her moses basket and he walked over to it and looked inside. I said, "Hi baby Joy." I nervously waited for what he was going to do...not afraid he'd want to hurt her but wanting him to be excited about her. He said, "Hi baby Joy." And smiled. Whew. Since then he will walk over to her basket and say hi to her periodically through the day.

*Right after the big reveal I went to my computer to sit down. He walked over and said, "Music?" He has learned we can play music for him on the computer and it's the highlight of his life. When I saw August Rush I was blown away by how similar the little boy is to Ty. Yes he will be famous one day. No, no, that's not what I mean. He is mesmerized by music and will sit for an hour if we let him. Bonus that he started dancing too.

During our little concert, I played the song, "It Won't Be Like This for Long." The country song sung by Darius Rucker (sp?) that talks about bringing a new baby home, sending a child to preschool, etc. I sat and cried, soaking up the moment that I'd been missing for over a week. Just sitting with my little man watching him do what he loves. Pretty sure some hormones were swirling but I might have just been that happy, that content. Who cares which one. It was a great moment.

*He is almost 100 % recovered. He still has a cough but it's not as scary. He's eating and drinking again.

Update on Momma:
*By reading about the kids, you can guess I'm REALLY doing okay. I'd even say I'm doing well!
My mom is helping a ton and so is my Dad now that the weekend has started. Sean is home, a huge blessing and a key ingredient to my emotional stability right after having a baby.

*Did you read the part about how much Joy is sleeping? I've always said if I can just recover for a week or so then I can handle a lot more of what the baby throws at me and we're past that point. My pain level is much lower and I am wanting to DO MORE instead of fading into the back bedroom like last week. It's all downhill from here...I'm sure I'll retract that statement at some point but the unknown is bliss in this situation.

*God has answered so many requests and prayers on Joy's behalf so I know He has chosen for her to be here. He has chosen what her life will be and that gives me great comfort. The reminders of His provisions are constantly in my path so I know He will help me when we hit rough patches. I'm sure they're coming :)

Lord knows you're bored by now...maybe a picture post next time? Yes Okay.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Texas Has Got Talent

If I didn't know any better I'd think my daughter could be related to Susan Boyle. Really, y'all, have you ever seen such a resemblance??? I'm gonna post some cute pictures of her later but just had to share this. Sean sent it to me when he moved Ty to the back of the car to make room for Joy's car seat.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ticker where have you gone?

UPDATE: Check out Joy's new ticker--One week old!

I can't believe I'm saying this but I just had the urge to put on makeup and get out of the house. Yes, friends, the healing has really begun when you care about things like venturing out and making yourself presentable. Thank You Jesus for really strong Motrin. And helpful parents. And that I am going back to my own house tonight to see my still-sick but recovering little boy and husband. Charlie has been staying with her Mimi and I'll see her tomorrow at some point...last I heard she got her first sucker at the bank and couldn't have been more content. Aren't grandmothers great? I never give them suckers because I have to clean them off afterward. It has nothing to do with sugar or the aftermath of it--I'm all about an easy clean-up.

I tried to change Joy's ticker (the thing that tells how old she is,) just now and erased it. I'm blessed ?? with a Mac loving husband so now that I'm used to my computer at home when I'm on a PC I get all confused. It's either that or I'm now so lazy about techie things since the Mac loving husband always tends to stuff that I just punt really quick. I fear it's the latter.

Can I throw in a few suggestions to you mommas whose babies have reflux? Ty and Charlie both did and both were on meds for a few months so we assume Joy could have it too. We treat her as if she does and have found after many different sleepless nights there a few tricks that seem to help across the board: elevate the baby from early on. Use one of the wedge things or put something under the head of their mattress. Be sure to take the wedge out of their bed once they can roll over! A big one: keep them upright for a while after each feeding. With Ty it was 30 minutes, which nearly killed me and everyone else who fed him. Charlie only got about 15 minutes after each feeding, and it's looking like Joy will get maybe 5. The third kid, bless her heart. She has actually done really well with that little time so either she doesn't have reflux or hers is a mild case. I'm not changing anything since her feeding/sleeping schedule has gone really smoothly so far. Another tip we've found to work is that if they fuss after laying them down and you know they've eaten enough (how do you really know that?) they have another burp that needs to come out. It is almost fool-proof!

We take her in tomorrow morning to meet our beloved Dr. Fowers. When Sean took the kids in last week to see her (it had been since February which I can hardly believe,) she asked how Joy was doing. Sean told her about our news and she teared up. Isn't that sweet? We LOVE her.

The feeding bell just went off. That's another way of saying she's awake and ready to eat so adios for now. Did I tell you that Ty says that now? He'll say, "Bye bye Mommy. Adios!" I cannot wait to see him. I wonder what he'll do if I burst into tears? This is the longest I've ever been away from either one of them much less both of them. It has been a restful few days but way too long to be away. Okay now the feeding bell has really gone off and we're in danger of disturbing people.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oh Joy

Love, Mary

Monday, May 11, 2009

What's My Name?

You've heard me say life with a new baby is like a fog. I'm sure it's no different for any new parent-this stuff is a crazy mix of elation, exhaustion, aches, pains, and wonderment that this is really YOUR child. For my family, add in a little drama and there you have the last few days! Oh I forget...all families have that too.

Both big kids (ha!) are still sick. Their Daddy is taking care of them-how thankful am I that he can do that without a single instruction from me?? We joke that he would be a better stay-at-home parent than I am because he can do everything AND clean :)

I'm at Nattie and Popeye's house, with a living room setup complete with bed and remote control. I grew up in this house and as much as I miss my family and feel like I'm missing the kids more by the second, this is a nice place to be with my little (back to 8 lbs.) girl.

To update you pregnant or new moms, actually any woman who has given birth, everything hurts almost to the unbearable point. I mentioned that I found out after the surgery was over that I basically had two separate surguries and I thought the tubal was like salt and peppering a meal. Ahem...not the case. An extra day in the hospital was a good decision as well as no pain meds to spare myself nausea. I'm taking Motrin so I'm not totally crazy! Nursing really hurts in the beginning and I barely recognize who I see in the mirror but I'm hopeful that within a week or two things will settle down in the production department and clothes will fit again. No I'm not talking about normal clothes...just normal nursing undergarments.

Joy is doing so well sleeping, eating, sleeping, eating, you know, living the newborn life. She is patient with her momma who averages 45 seconds to sit up in bed to pick her up. I'm trying to sit up that whole time, looking much like a turtle trapped on my back I imagine. Somebody should capture it on film but my parents are my only roommates and they don't think it's as funny as I do. Thank God for them.

Looks like it's time to eat again for the little miss. Thanks for walking this journey with us and rejoicing in the miracle God has given us over the last few weeks. Your prayers meant so much during the scary months and now you're part of her story. And mine.

Love, Mary

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Going home kind of

Wrapping up the party here in my hospital room and heading home-not to my house exactly since my kids have a virus (oh the luck) and Joy and I don't want it too. I'll try to update later on from my temporary bed :)


Saturday, May 9, 2009

What? No pictures?

True to form for my family, Charlie got sick yesterday-high fever and only wanted Sean so his parents brought the kids home and Sean took them to the Dr yesterday afternoon. Tests are all negative so Dt Fowers said it's know the drill!

Sean hasn't been here since the night before (mom traded with him,) so I don't have new pictures to show you. Today at some point they will trade places. I am staying an extra day from what I have before because I'm still in a lot of pain and was nauseous quite a bit of yesterday. The good pain meds make me queasy so I'm on something more mild and it's worth it for the most part. My Dr said the tubal can set you back a few extra days...he told me this yesterday. Thanks for the heads up .

Talk to you soon...gonna feed my miracle growing baby!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Here I sit

Here I sit in that hospital bed I told you about a few weeks ago...the one I was ready for. I have been watching the clock for about 20 minutes wondering where my girl is. After all, she last ate about four hours ago! I'm not complaining--at least not about that! This go 'round has been a doozy. All good, all worth it, all gifts from God.

Joy is just a doll. She looks like Ty and acts like Charlie so far, which is a winning combination. Her body seems so small though I've been told she is, in fact, quite a bit bigger than most of the babies here. Her cry is one that asks for help and attention, not an angry cry. She is precious and perfect, right down to her toes that imitate mine...a little bit weird in how they sit. I'll show pictures once we get really settled!

Here she comes-got to run. Thanks so much for the prayers and visits. I'm turning a corner on the pain front so I should be back here sooner than later :)


First Days

Wednesday, May 6, 2009



This is Emmy, Mary's sister. She is here. Healthy and 8 lb. 11 oz. That's all I know! Mary is out of surgery and, most important, SHE GOT HER TUBES TIED! Mary is doing well, too. Carley or I will be updating soon!

****Update: This is Carley adding to Emmy's post. One more stat....Joy is 21 inches long! Pam (Mary's mom) just called and Mary was right there and doing great! Pam said that Joy is heathly and her lungs are working great!

More updates to come!

Update #2 from Emmy (1:45 pm): My mother texted me that Joy is in the room with Mary and is nursing. Mom says "she is nursing great," which I guess means that she knows what to do and that she is hungry! I also heard that she cries REALLY loud.

Carley or I will post pictures as soon as we get some.

All checked in

Writing from my hospital bed...probably the last time today but Carley and Emmy will be filling you in. It's a great day to have a baby! I'm all hooked up and waiting for the games to begin. Look for pictures soon...


Monday, May 4, 2009

Not To Us


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mommy just told me I'm about to have a little sister

I know, I know, it looks cruel. But a little bit funny too, don't you think? She was crying because Sean was trying to take her picture and she had decided it was time for him to pick her up instead. He was saying, "Wait just a second...Daddy will pick you up...wait a second..." and this is the face he got. Do you think we're in for a little drama in the next few days? I think so too.

On Friday I made my last Walmart run and did what you're not supposed to do: go to the store hungry. Not only did I stock up on lots of snack stuff--for the kids, mostly anyway--I managed to get a full meal on the way home. Two popsicles, a banana, almonds, vanilla wafers and a Diet Dr. Pepper. Don't lie--you've done it before!

You haven't?

Oh. Well it was fairly well-balanced compared to what I eat the first few months of pregnancy.

I have my last sonogram in the morning at the perinatal specialist. While at the hospital I also have to go do blood work for Wednesday and turn all of my papers in. My guess is that I'll be gone all morning then tomorrow afternoon Sean's sister Amy and her family are coming over to entertain us. Technically I invited to entertain them but now she's bringing everything and the kids will, no doubt, be entertained by their older cousins. Tuesday will be a blur I'm sure--I'm hoping time will fly as it usually does--and we take the kids to Mimi and Pops house Tuesday night to stay for a few days. I check in at 5:30 a.m. Wednesday morning, (can I really be talking about THIS WEEK?) and surgery is supposed to start at 7:30. My OB gets back from Europe just in time to deliver her and as much as I've tried to talk the other doctors in his practice into taking her out the last few weeks I'm so glad it will be him. Here's hoping he won't have jet lag...

I'll have people updating here so all of you prayer warriors know what is happening. We are still overwhelmed when people tell us they have prayed for Joy this whole time. What a gift you are giving us! We are hopeful and calm. Granted it is still a few days out :)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

One Last Hurrah...At Least While Pregnant

Charlie loving the freedom that comes with walking. She found two plastic spoons and never put them down. We hope they came from someone with us--I think they did--and she never sat down that night.
April and Grace, her oldest. April is expecting her 4th (!!!) in July. April was one of the three people who hounded Sean to make a move many years ago.

Carley and Jason. Such a fun picture! Carley and I are constantly calling each other now reporting new ailments...we're down to the home stretch. It's still pretty amazing that I met Jason (I think,) seven years ago as one of his volunteers and now I talk to his wife at least twice a day on average. Pray for Carley--she's due May 14th and really wants to let things happen naturally but it's hard during these last few weeks to be patient. I'd be going crazy if I didn't know the date things were happening for me!
We always say, "What are the chances?" Four friends all pregnant at the same time. What ups and downs we have all shared over the last few years and what a blessing each of them has been to me. Carley (due May 14th,) me, April, (due in July,) and Jennie, or "Tibby," as Ty calls her, (due in October.)
This wasn't our car. It wasn't even anyone's in our party. Glad it didn't have a sensitive alarm since Ty played on it, crawled partially under it, and jumped up against it a few times while he was working on his rock collection.
My little man looking really sweet and excited about his little baby sister in momma's tummy. In reality Jason had just walked up and he's a little afraid of Jason at first. We went through this with Jonathan too until Jonathan started counting for Ty from the first second they see each other...if Ty is ever afraid of you just count--bonus if you can count in Spanish--and he gets over whatever he was worried about.
I love this little boy! David is extremely photogenic and likes Sean enough to pose for him pretty regularly.
Can you tell how uncomfortable we are?? Not that I haven't mentioned it about 200 times here, but Carley and I are both uncomfortable these days.
Few things make Ty happier than the ice cream. Vanilla like his momma thankyouverymuch. No chocolate for us!

Sean and Ty are on their way to Home Depot for the kids program thing they do--I've mentioned it before but the first weekend of every month they offer a FREE program for kids where they learn to build things. Something different every month and Ty loves going. His little apron is so rippin' cute. Gotta help them get going then Sean and I are heading out for an afternoon date. Enjoy your Saturday!