Saturday, May 16, 2009

So How Are You REALLY Doing?

I love my friends. I have good non-pushy but caring friends. I've been asked the question, "Okay, how are you REALLY doing?" a few times the last few days so I guess a real update is in order.

Update on Joy:
*she sleeps 3-4 hours between feedings and really sleeps the entire time. Her eyes have been open for a combined total of 2 hours since she was born. I'm not kidding. Dream baby so far. I love her. Not just because of this.

*we got a good report on her at her first pediatrician visit. I had to use the hospital pediatrician because you're well aware of how far we drive to go to our real one. She doesn't exactly do rounds an hour away consistently so for those first few days our babies see someone else. I don't trust someone else nearly like I trust Dr. Fowers so it was a great day Thursday to get a thumbs up.

*She had jaundice when we came home, (a first for me,) so they checked her levels and she has improved.

*She's back up to 8 lbs. 6 oz. so we're hopeful and confident she'll be back up to birth weight by her 2 week check-up. Woohoo for momma's milk production! And double woohoo for momma's very-worth-the-money Medela pump giving her a break from the pain. I nursed her yesterday and she hasn't forgotten how to do that so I feel confident we will continue our routine going back and forth between the two.

*She is a big hit with everyone, and even the other kids are happier with her than we anticipated.

Update on Charlie:
*She seems much better than she was last week sickness-wise, (I know that's not a real word,) but just started coughing again last night. Hoping she doesn't get any worse.

*She wants to touch Joy but obeys when we say, " easy," and just lightly pats her. I was most worried about what my bulldozer of a girl would do to the baby but she's such a toucher I think she will be okay with enough lap time with me and her daddy.

*The first time she saw Joy she laughed at her and kind of pointed then ran away and played. Whew. No eyeball poking from the get-go. Relief.

*She is killing her brother trying to do exactly what he does at all times. She doesn't seem to be bothered at all by him leaving the room when she walks in. The girl is confident that in time he will want to be her friend. I love that about her.

Update on Ty:
*The first morning I was home and he came downstairs he said, "Hi Mom!" and clapped. That was enough for me to know he missed me. I knew better than to expect a dramatic hug/cry and emotional reunion. He walked over to me and I hugged him but he pushed right past me and said, "Waffles?" True to form, the boy wakes up thinking about breakfast just like his momma.

*We had our cameras ready for the big reveal and sat down on the couch after breakfast so he could meet Joy. She was in her moses basket and he walked over to it and looked inside. I said, "Hi baby Joy." I nervously waited for what he was going to do...not afraid he'd want to hurt her but wanting him to be excited about her. He said, "Hi baby Joy." And smiled. Whew. Since then he will walk over to her basket and say hi to her periodically through the day.

*Right after the big reveal I went to my computer to sit down. He walked over and said, "Music?" He has learned we can play music for him on the computer and it's the highlight of his life. When I saw August Rush I was blown away by how similar the little boy is to Ty. Yes he will be famous one day. No, no, that's not what I mean. He is mesmerized by music and will sit for an hour if we let him. Bonus that he started dancing too.

During our little concert, I played the song, "It Won't Be Like This for Long." The country song sung by Darius Rucker (sp?) that talks about bringing a new baby home, sending a child to preschool, etc. I sat and cried, soaking up the moment that I'd been missing for over a week. Just sitting with my little man watching him do what he loves. Pretty sure some hormones were swirling but I might have just been that happy, that content. Who cares which one. It was a great moment.

*He is almost 100 % recovered. He still has a cough but it's not as scary. He's eating and drinking again.

Update on Momma:
*By reading about the kids, you can guess I'm REALLY doing okay. I'd even say I'm doing well!
My mom is helping a ton and so is my Dad now that the weekend has started. Sean is home, a huge blessing and a key ingredient to my emotional stability right after having a baby.

*Did you read the part about how much Joy is sleeping? I've always said if I can just recover for a week or so then I can handle a lot more of what the baby throws at me and we're past that point. My pain level is much lower and I am wanting to DO MORE instead of fading into the back bedroom like last week. It's all downhill from here...I'm sure I'll retract that statement at some point but the unknown is bliss in this situation.

*God has answered so many requests and prayers on Joy's behalf so I know He has chosen for her to be here. He has chosen what her life will be and that gives me great comfort. The reminders of His provisions are constantly in my path so I know He will help me when we hit rough patches. I'm sure they're coming :)

Lord knows you're bored by now...maybe a picture post next time? Yes Okay.


Miss Mommy said...

Not at all bored, but expecting pics soon. You sound great. I am very glad. ;) Josh about DIED when he saw the Susan Boyle comparison.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting Mary... it's good to hear how things are! That song "it won't be like this for long" is one of my favs right now. I heard it one day driving in the car soon after Tatum was born...I cried too.

Also, do you remember posting the lyrics to Nichole Nordeman's "I am"... it was about 3 weeks after Tatum, and it was exactly the encouragement I needed. It sort of helped me find my compass in those foggy days when I didn't feel myself at all...Go listen.

Big cheers for easy-going, sleepy newborns and gentle, loving, big sibs! And yes... please post pics!

Mandy said...

Thats one of my favorite songs... I love it!! I always ways end up with tears in my eyes because it is so true!

Dana said...

So glad to hear that things are settling down at your house. Hope to see you soon.

Carley said...

Glad you are getting in to a routine and enjoying a family of having your parents there. If I haven't had the baby by Monday I'll come visit...that way I'm not in the way with your parents there. :)