Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ticker where have you gone?

UPDATE: Check out Joy's new ticker--One week old!

I can't believe I'm saying this but I just had the urge to put on makeup and get out of the house. Yes, friends, the healing has really begun when you care about things like venturing out and making yourself presentable. Thank You Jesus for really strong Motrin. And helpful parents. And that I am going back to my own house tonight to see my still-sick but recovering little boy and husband. Charlie has been staying with her Mimi and I'll see her tomorrow at some point...last I heard she got her first sucker at the bank and couldn't have been more content. Aren't grandmothers great? I never give them suckers because I have to clean them off afterward. It has nothing to do with sugar or the aftermath of it--I'm all about an easy clean-up.

I tried to change Joy's ticker (the thing that tells how old she is,) just now and erased it. I'm blessed ?? with a Mac loving husband so now that I'm used to my computer at home when I'm on a PC I get all confused. It's either that or I'm now so lazy about techie things since the Mac loving husband always tends to stuff that I just punt really quick. I fear it's the latter.

Can I throw in a few suggestions to you mommas whose babies have reflux? Ty and Charlie both did and both were on meds for a few months so we assume Joy could have it too. We treat her as if she does and have found after many different sleepless nights there a few tricks that seem to help across the board: elevate the baby from early on. Use one of the wedge things or put something under the head of their mattress. Be sure to take the wedge out of their bed once they can roll over! A big one: keep them upright for a while after each feeding. With Ty it was 30 minutes, which nearly killed me and everyone else who fed him. Charlie only got about 15 minutes after each feeding, and it's looking like Joy will get maybe 5. The third kid, bless her heart. She has actually done really well with that little time so either she doesn't have reflux or hers is a mild case. I'm not changing anything since her feeding/sleeping schedule has gone really smoothly so far. Another tip we've found to work is that if they fuss after laying them down and you know they've eaten enough (how do you really know that?) they have another burp that needs to come out. It is almost fool-proof!

We take her in tomorrow morning to meet our beloved Dr. Fowers. When Sean took the kids in last week to see her (it had been since February which I can hardly believe,) she asked how Joy was doing. Sean told her about our news and she teared up. Isn't that sweet? We LOVE her.

The feeding bell just went off. That's another way of saying she's awake and ready to eat so adios for now. Did I tell you that Ty says that now? He'll say, "Bye bye Mommy. Adios!" I cannot wait to see him. I wonder what he'll do if I burst into tears? This is the longest I've ever been away from either one of them much less both of them. It has been a restful few days but way too long to be away. Okay now the feeding bell has really gone off and we're in danger of disturbing people.


Miss Mommy said...

I am seeing the YOU come back to life- yippee! I can't imagine all the change you're experiencing right now. You're doing great and sounds like Joy is, too!

Luke is KILLING me. Seriously. When will he MOVE and therefore be more than 1 foot away from me? ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear Joy is doing well and glad also to hear you're doing better too! I'm glad your reuniting with the big kiddos...I have a feeling that no matter how chaotic it may be, it will do your heart a world of good to see their sweet faces.

Carley said...

I can't wait to hear about Ty and Charlie meeting Joy! I know Seans home but I'm officially on maternity leave (weirs!) so let me know if you need ANYTHING! I will have lots of time on my hands until baby comes! You are doing such a good job getting adjusted to Joy and taking care of yourself!

Jane said...

What a beautiful new baby girl you have and I really do mean that! I am sure you are ready to be home with some since of "normal." Congrats on that new baby!

Sarah Sharp said...

She is just gorgeous! Hope you can get back to your family soon!