Monday, May 30, 2011

I'll never be a Navy SEAL

This is Joy yesterday. But it is exactly how I looked on Friday in the car to and from the graduation ceremony.

I was so carsick I had to sit in the front seat and take Dramamine, all while talking myself out of vomiting on Sean's immediate family. It was quite a ride. First I'll tell you the plan for that day, and then I'll tell you what actually happened. They are not the same thing.

The plan: ride to Graham with Sean's family. Sean would land in time to drive to the actual ceremony, (started at 8) but miss the dinner beforehand. We would eat then go to the ceremony. Sean would slide into his seat just in time and then I would ride with him from then on. He started work that morning at 3 am, (5 o'clock flight Eastern time,) so driving back that night would have been terrible...mainly because it would have meant me driving. I don't do well late at night, in case you didn't know that already. We planned to stay in a hotel that night then come home the next morning. Mom was at my house with the kids-major detail I left out.

Anyway. Here's what really happened:

We arrived in Graham after a rough ride. I fell out of the car in relief and counted down the hours until Sean made it. He called from Atlanta to say he missed the first flight. He had the jump seat on the next one so we knew he'd make it as long as that flight wasn't cancelled. We started eating dinner. He called again to say they were boarding and that he wouldn't make it to graduation in time even if he got into his car and left right away. He sounded tired, (valid=he was) and when I told him I worried about him driving that tired he said it would be better to just go home. I agreed. We went to graduation and watched my niece graduate. I prepared myself for the ride home. Sean called to tell me he landed and that he was almost home.
I had a moment of envy that he was on solid ground for the night then got myself together and rode home. It was the same route as before but somehow the 100+ degree heat during the graduation made the nausea so much worse. (shocker). To say I kissed the ground once we made it to Sean's parents house would be a lie. But if I'd have felt like kissing a darn thing I would have kissed that ground. I spent the night there and got up the next morning to drive home. Still nauseous. It was the super bowl of carsickness.

Recounting the story to Sean that morning gave me great clarity and a good plan for how to avoid problems like this in the future: drive everywhere from now on and keep Dramamine in my purse in case driving is impossible.

If there was a question about my physical and/or mental toughness, this experience sealed the deal: I have a limit. I know it's gotten worse over time so I'm dreading my first boat ride. Not that I have one planned. You know what I mean. The moral of the story is that I'm a weakling.

The End.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Flashback Friday: Wedding Edition

Because you love me you can look past the fact that it's Saturday.

Because you love me you will have to forgive the order of my pictures. Because there is no order.

Getting ready with sweet Kellie, (one of my college roommates,) and Mom. Emmy is behind me blowing a fan on me. It was August.
We got married in a tiny little Episcopal church where my parents were married. It was hot. Like really old building that can't keep up with the day's massive Africa heat wave in Texas hot.

Uncle Kyle sporting his Dora backpack. In it were no telling how many snacks and toys for his kids. See the girl on the left in the white dress? That's my niece Allie who graduated from high school last night.

"Is anybody else this hot? Man it's hot." I said that about 5,000 times that day. What were we thinking getting married in late August?
Walking into the back of the church for the shindig to start. Emmy was helping with my dress. She was sweating too.
We took our pictures before the ceremony. You know, because it was so dang hot I knew I'd look terrible by the time it was said and done. We also just weren't really concerned with the whole groom not seeing me beforehand. He had, after all, taken my bridal portraits. This is my family minus Emmy's husband Ethan, (they got married last summer.)
"Is it time yet? I can't tell. What do you think? Nope I don't think so. Somebody just yell down to the front and ask."

Maid of honor, Best man picture.

Y'all, it was hot. Not sure if I mentioned that.

Sean and Amy, (his sister who is married to Kyle, (Dora backpack,) and who has the twin boys that outfit Ty.

There are a million pictures that I'd forgotten about so it's gonna be a two part Flashback Friday. Sorry in advance.

I have to tell y'all about Allie's graduation. It involves a two hour car ride, (each way,) and one very carsick passenger.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Baby shower for KJ

My college roommate KJ is due in September with her first baby. A few weeks ago we hosted a shower for her in Dallas. Mom took pictures which explains why all but one picture taken had her grand baby in them.

KJ's grandmother opened her house up for the party. She's the hostess with the mostest.

Emmy, KJ, Ana, (my brother's wife,) Sally, and Ana's sister Angie.

Me making Sally laugh.

Me, KJ and Emmy catching up. She lives in Houston, which is just far enough away that we can't hop in the car without a little planning. We can go years without seeing each other, though, and never skip a beat. I credit KJ with being brutally honest with me during one of the hardest times in my life. She called me out and set me straight, (in a Godly way.) I love her for that.

Mom made the cakes. This was the cake that Prince William had at his wedding reception. Mom is super fancy like that.

Dulce de Leche cake.

See. Fancy.

Sally was a trooper, flying with her momma that day and then turning right back around the next day and flying home. Really it's Ana who is the trooper. We are so thankful Graham married her.

Sally's highlight of the trip was this bed post. Teething much?

This was the next morning at my house, right before I took them to the airport. I'm looking very fancy and clean after my slumber party sleepless-night-o-fun.

We are headed to Graham, TX tomorrow to see my niece Allie graduate from high school.

There will be pictures. Stay tuned. Oh and a Flashback Friday post dedicated to my wedding.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

I think I actually took pictures each day this week. Shocker!

Favorite necklace: Etsy (Miss Ruby Sue)

Shirt: Target

Pants: Nordstrom (Easter gift from mother-in-law)

Shirt: JCrew

Shorts: Gap Outlet two summers ago

Shoes: Target

Shirt: bought it in Santa Barbara three years ago on our anniversary trip.

Pants: JCrew clearance two years ago

Shoes: gift from mother-in-law

Hello lovelies. Flat, comfortable lovelies

Cardigan: Target

Dress: Sundance Outlet

Jeans: Forever 21


The girls leaving church

Joy: Hand-me-down from big sister, who was given the dress when SHE was two

Charlie/Charlotte/Chi-Chi: dress from newly discovered great website-Next clothing.

Dress: Ross three years ago

Shoes: Really? No idea

I can't tell you how excited I was to see Big Mama with this shirt on.

Trivial-yes. Validation that I'm not alone in liking the shirt-yes. And she wore a turquoise necklace which showed me how much that adds to the cute factor.

Shirt: Anthropologie

Jeans: JC Penney (the cheap little girls ones)

Shoes: Old Navy

Shirt I showed you a picture of recently: Anthropologie sale $9.99

Jeans: Restyle

Shoes: no idea had them so long.

Okay y'all better have links to your own WIWW posts! Happy Wednesday!

Monday, May 23, 2011

A few current faves

We had a great weekend. Sean gave me the day off Saturday since he'd been at work for four days and I didn't I got in touch with Emmy, (my sister if you're new here,) and we went shopping together. A shopping trip with your sister always, (at least in my family,) involves a few body parts getting made fun of, sharing a hot dog for lunch, and a few bits of wisdom shared.

Valuable wisdom like:

"You always pick that orange sherbet color to wear and IT DOESN'T LOOK GOOD ON YOU SOMEONE NEEDS TO TELL YOU THAT." (Emmy to me.)

"That could be really cute but it's actually not." (me to Emmy)

"I think your hands stink from that hot dog (it had's the New York dog from Sonic=heavenly...) (Emmy to me)

"If I buy that then you need to get that so I'm not the only one buying something at Forever 21." (me to Emmy)

"Yeah my hands do stink. So do yours." (me to Emmy)

"Remember when you fell down those stairs over there with all of your shopping bags and everything went flying and you ran into that store to hide from the people laughing?" (me to Emmy)

Anyway. It was fun.

I've been on a decorating kick lately and since we aren't buying anything before we move, I'm making plans. One of my new favorite things to do while the girls are napping or at night is reading blogs not really about decorating but other women whose houses I want to copy/take ideas from. I'm creative in some ways but it's taken seeing things that I like to help me figure out what I want to do in our house when we move. I'll be honest. Sean is a little worried.

But he'll be okay. Change is hard for him but he will love it when he sees it in person.


Here are a few favorites:

*Jennie introduced me to this blog, and today's, (or is it yesterday?) anyway it's the latest post. Made me cry. What a beautiful way to minister to people. Literally beautiful.

*Lisa Leonard always decorates beautifully. It's no wonder her jewelry is so unique.

*Such cute ideas here.

*I want to do this as soon as we move. Maybe in every room. Or maybe not. Don't want to scare Sean away. He's a keeper.

*Oh and this. Mom, you can make this in a snap. And I can sew pretty well as long as I am only sewing a few straight lines. Start curving things and I give up. But this, this I think I could do. Next year, you're all getting Christmas dish towels. Done.

Last, a glimpse into my (far off...once we long as we don't lose a ton of money on the move...) future. If dreams come true, we will go here.

Amen and Amen.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Girl stuff with Momma

When I take the kids to Kroger they call it doing girl stuff. Home Depot is man stuff.

Aren't you glad you have this information?

Friday, May 20, 2011

Flashback Friday

This is a sad state of affairs. This is my hairdryer cord.

Goodbye hairdryer. This isn't a flashback. This was today mid-way through drying my hair.

Moving on...

Day two after Joy's surgery. I look at these pictures often and pray for babies, (and kids of all ages,) who are hurting. And then I pray for their parents. I will never forget handing her over to the anesthesiologist that morning. He smiled and said, "We will take care of her as if she was our own." Sean and I both cried. And her surgery was minor by many standards.

I have no idea what I said to make her look like I'd just said something amazing.

Sour...but she can't stop eating it.

Hopefully soon this will be within a ten minute drive from their home. People have asked if there is any news on the house. Y'all, you will know as soon as I have news. Shouting from the rooftop= writing a post with SHOUTING IT FROM THE ROOFTOP as the title. I'm not very subtle, you know.

Last 4th of July, shortly after I discovered Lime Ricki swimsuits. I won't say I can hardly wait to wear a swimsuit this year, (I am female after all,) but I've never felt more love for a swimsuit than I do since discovering these. If you haven't looked at the website yet go do it now.

Right now.


Okay I feel better.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

If y'all have a WIWW post don't forget to leave a comment to let me know! I'd love to know I'm not the only one doing this!

Sweater: Forever 21 last Summer

Dress: Sundance outlet ( got it for Christmas.

Jeans: Old Navy (the maternity ones)

Shoes: Ruche (

I wore this to celebrate my grandmother's birthday in Dallas. It was hot. Hence the picture of just the dress minus the sweater...this is how I looked 90% of the night.

Cardigan: Target

Dress: Walmart (recently)

Belt: Anthropologie

Shoes: American Eagle-7 or 8 years old

A different take. Couldn't decide which way looked right. Thoughts?

And I lost the sweater mid-day. Welcome back, Summer heat. Well...Spring heat.

This felt way better than it looked. Sometimes that's what matters most to me. Keeping it real.
Tank top: Walmart
Pants: Target. They're linen. I love them. They ain't pretty by day's end but man did I feel good all day!

Flip flops: no idea.

You're welcome.

And today...

During nap time I'm gonna work out. Still P90X'in it when I have time and energy. Disclaimer: I'm not a very devoted workout example.

Do you really care about this outfit?

Well okay then.

Top: Walmart
Pants: Dick's sporting goods

Quite the finale, don't ya think?

Have a great day y'all.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A few days in my life

I really have it easy

Now I have a bright and shiny new In-N-Out about three miles from my (still on the market...) house.

I have two pet stores to take little pet lovers to when they ask to go to the zoo. To them Petsmart is just as fun. And free. And they are satisfied. For a few more months anyway...until we go to the zoo.

Another day, another In-N-Out experience

Happy boy

I have a little park that we call...the little park...down the street where we go during showings. If the house sold back when we thought it would we would have missed these little outings. Of course if the house had sold when we hoped it would we wouldn't need to stay out of it for two hours at a time either. We could just stay home if we wanted to.


But look at all the fun. I've realized getting all three to smile isn't gonna happen for a picture unless a crazy relative/friend offers to act, well, crazy. Just me-not happening.

I get to retrieve toys, socks, food from places outside. When I brought Charlie/Charlotte's latest friends inside she said, "Well they were taking their nap outside. Can you put them back?"

I get my exercise while my baby girl takes care of her baby. My pace is slow but at least I'm moving.

I experience those first few joyful days of Joy preferring hair bows. Up until last week she pulled them out. Now she wants at least two at all times.

I'm so happy with this development.

I have trash truck radar. I was leaving the grocery store yesterday and felt the urge to turn my car around to face the other street and viola.

A new truck to take pictures of for my little sanitation specialist-in-training.

It's a glamorous life I lead.

And I love it.