Thursday, May 26, 2011

Baby shower for KJ

My college roommate KJ is due in September with her first baby. A few weeks ago we hosted a shower for her in Dallas. Mom took pictures which explains why all but one picture taken had her grand baby in them.

KJ's grandmother opened her house up for the party. She's the hostess with the mostest.

Emmy, KJ, Ana, (my brother's wife,) Sally, and Ana's sister Angie.

Me making Sally laugh.

Me, KJ and Emmy catching up. She lives in Houston, which is just far enough away that we can't hop in the car without a little planning. We can go years without seeing each other, though, and never skip a beat. I credit KJ with being brutally honest with me during one of the hardest times in my life. She called me out and set me straight, (in a Godly way.) I love her for that.

Mom made the cakes. This was the cake that Prince William had at his wedding reception. Mom is super fancy like that.

Dulce de Leche cake.

See. Fancy.

Sally was a trooper, flying with her momma that day and then turning right back around the next day and flying home. Really it's Ana who is the trooper. We are so thankful Graham married her.

Sally's highlight of the trip was this bed post. Teething much?

This was the next morning at my house, right before I took them to the airport. I'm looking very fancy and clean after my slumber party sleepless-night-o-fun.

We are headed to Graham, TX tomorrow to see my niece Allie graduate from high school.

There will be pictures. Stay tuned. Oh and a Flashback Friday post dedicated to my wedding.


Miss Mommy said...

You're just showing off your toned arms in that last pic!

Way to go, your mom, on replicating Prince William's cake...fancy indeed.

Drew Watts said...

Oh my goodness this Baby shower for KJ is brilliant. I am so pleased with the photos. My sister is also expecting and I am planning a cute rain themed baby shower for her. Could anyone here help me to find a good event venue New York?