Friday, May 20, 2011

Flashback Friday

This is a sad state of affairs. This is my hairdryer cord.

Goodbye hairdryer. This isn't a flashback. This was today mid-way through drying my hair.

Moving on...

Day two after Joy's surgery. I look at these pictures often and pray for babies, (and kids of all ages,) who are hurting. And then I pray for their parents. I will never forget handing her over to the anesthesiologist that morning. He smiled and said, "We will take care of her as if she was our own." Sean and I both cried. And her surgery was minor by many standards.

I have no idea what I said to make her look like I'd just said something amazing.

Sour...but she can't stop eating it.

Hopefully soon this will be within a ten minute drive from their home. People have asked if there is any news on the house. Y'all, you will know as soon as I have news. Shouting from the rooftop= writing a post with SHOUTING IT FROM THE ROOFTOP as the title. I'm not very subtle, you know.

Last 4th of July, shortly after I discovered Lime Ricki swimsuits. I won't say I can hardly wait to wear a swimsuit this year, (I am female after all,) but I've never felt more love for a swimsuit than I do since discovering these. If you haven't looked at the website yet go do it now.

Right now.


Okay I feel better.

Happy Friday!

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We Three Smiths + 1 said...

I was just thinking about Lime Rikki (sp?)! I'm gonna order another one for this summer! I just found out about another similar called DownEast Basics...they have some cute one's too! PS...Matt bought me a Chi Blowdryer for Mother's $150 ever!!! I promise...and I'm a tight-wad!

Love all your flashback pics! Especially Joy's sour face! Too Cute!