Monday, May 23, 2011

A few current faves

We had a great weekend. Sean gave me the day off Saturday since he'd been at work for four days and I didn't I got in touch with Emmy, (my sister if you're new here,) and we went shopping together. A shopping trip with your sister always, (at least in my family,) involves a few body parts getting made fun of, sharing a hot dog for lunch, and a few bits of wisdom shared.

Valuable wisdom like:

"You always pick that orange sherbet color to wear and IT DOESN'T LOOK GOOD ON YOU SOMEONE NEEDS TO TELL YOU THAT." (Emmy to me.)

"That could be really cute but it's actually not." (me to Emmy)

"I think your hands stink from that hot dog (it had's the New York dog from Sonic=heavenly...) (Emmy to me)

"If I buy that then you need to get that so I'm not the only one buying something at Forever 21." (me to Emmy)

"Yeah my hands do stink. So do yours." (me to Emmy)

"Remember when you fell down those stairs over there with all of your shopping bags and everything went flying and you ran into that store to hide from the people laughing?" (me to Emmy)

Anyway. It was fun.

I've been on a decorating kick lately and since we aren't buying anything before we move, I'm making plans. One of my new favorite things to do while the girls are napping or at night is reading blogs not really about decorating but other women whose houses I want to copy/take ideas from. I'm creative in some ways but it's taken seeing things that I like to help me figure out what I want to do in our house when we move. I'll be honest. Sean is a little worried.

But he'll be okay. Change is hard for him but he will love it when he sees it in person.


Here are a few favorites:

*Jennie introduced me to this blog, and today's, (or is it yesterday?) anyway it's the latest post. Made me cry. What a beautiful way to minister to people. Literally beautiful.

*Lisa Leonard always decorates beautifully. It's no wonder her jewelry is so unique.

*Such cute ideas here.

*I want to do this as soon as we move. Maybe in every room. Or maybe not. Don't want to scare Sean away. He's a keeper.

*Oh and this. Mom, you can make this in a snap. And I can sew pretty well as long as I am only sewing a few straight lines. Start curving things and I give up. But this, this I think I could do. Next year, you're all getting Christmas dish towels. Done.

Last, a glimpse into my (far off...once we long as we don't lose a ton of money on the move...) future. If dreams come true, we will go here.

Amen and Amen.


Emmy said...

Okay, yes, those were some quotes from Saturday.
But you forgot: "DO NOT PICK UP ANYMORE BLACK SHIRTS! We are shopping in a store full of color!" from Mary to Emmy
"Yes, that IS very cute, but Charlie does not need a headband that costs $20." from Emmy to Mary

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

You sisters are funny!

I did the same thing before we moved! I have tons of bookmarks on my computer from different blogs. Somebody this weekend told me about you know about it? I'm sure you do and I'm just out of the loop! It's great for piecing ideas together!

Oh...and that view is in my dreams too..maybe July if all my dreams come true, lol?! Your P90X body will be rockin' there!