Saturday, June 28, 2014

When moms and daughters shop together...

Sometimes this happens at baby showers.

Thursday, June 26, 2014


We loved it. It was exactly what I needed after a tiring few months. Trying to move, trying to make sense of events that took place over the last few months, you name the rug and it was pulled out from under us. A family vacation right at the end of school? Yep, sign us up!

He may have loved it most out of all of us.

So so grateful that Sean's family invites us and gives the kids such fun memories with their cousins. All of my kids loved the waves and the sand this year which made the trip a lot less chaotic than the last few years...I went on long walks this year while they played happily with people within our group and when I got back I didn't find someone in tears yelling, "THERE'S SAND IN MY EYE WHEN CAN WE GO HOME MOM?"

Not even once! I hit the jackpot this year I tell you. It's just so much easier than it used to be. I say that a hundred times a day now I bet. Life overall, it's just much more calm now than it has been for us the last two years. There have been surprises, heartaches, sure, but we are secure now. We know that God has a plan and we trust it, even when it seems mysterious. Somebody remind me of this when I start to panic in a few weeks over something silly okay? Great, thanks. Y'all are the best.

Monday, June 16, 2014

What I see

(Plus one selfie with my niece Emily)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Because He IS greater

Watching the kids play on the beach tonight I finally took in a deep breath-after driving here and dealing with the details that go along with a road trip...well I just overlook a lot of other things. Things like prepping myself for another Father's Day.

It is a decision I make each holiday now-do I do what's easier for me and distract them so the day goes by quicker and painlessly...or do I tell them and allow the floodgates of questions and memories to come in? Before I could decide today Joy yelled from the back seat, "Hey Mom I heard a lady in the hotel say today was Father's Day! What are we going to do for daddy in heaven? Should we throw him a party or send a present?"

So this year we talked about Father's Day, how we all wish he was still here to be celebrated. How we all wish they didn't have to know about heaven the way they do-how they long for it-and how I wish they had a dad to love them through all of this. It got to me tonight, even though we had fun and no one knew the weight of what I was feeling as I watched them play.

How am I going to make this okay, Lord? How can I do this job without him? Do you see me, us, praying for guidance? Are You there? Are You listening? Do you see me so overwhelmed with longing for a shoulder to lean on right now? Do You even hear me?

I looked at Ty and realized I was missing some beautiful moments having my pity party so I took some pictures of him. I looked at his shirt. Yep, He is greater.

Than this. Even this. He is greater. Ok. Ok I get it Lord. You are my Father. You are theirs. I am forever indebted to You because You love me so well, so thoroughly, like a daddy does.

My heart simply overflows remembering that tonight.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

What I've been up to

DIY projects, my very favorite thing to do!

An ombré headboard in the making...

"After" pics soon...

I've been feeling great thanks to a new discovery--Plexus. A Facebook friend kept mentioning it so I researched it a bit and tried it and have never felt better thanks to the blood sugar regulating properties. I wish I'd had this stuff all along! I liked it so much I started selling it so that I got it cheaper and now the business side of it is crazy fun and busy. I've had a blast helping people kick sugar habits and I've...y'all won't believe this...I've stopped drinking diet dr pepper.

Moment of silence.

I know, I know. You don't believe me! Every once in a while I drink one to see if I really don't "need" them and I barely even like the taste. As my friend Gretta says, "Mary likes water now that outta speak volumes about Plexus!" It's so true.

If you see me in real life you probably see more of this now.

The biggest thing I've been doing is cleaning out, moving out, and reorganizing my house so it will sell. It's time. Past time. I'm so excited to start over!

Friends came over for two weeks straight to help me stage the house and I have never liked it more...but I still want to sell it.

Downsizing, new start, the whole thing is just plain thrilling to me.

Oh look what else we've been doing...

Miss Joy graduated from Pre-K...

Complete with diploma and all!

She was so proud.

So was I.

The next week Charlie graduated from Kindergarten...and yep this is my circus in their element.

Ty hanging in there even though he was ready to leave, Charlie trying to convince him to hug her, and Joy being Joy.

Life is crazy. I'm really gonna try to blog about it al more often. I've missed y'all terribly. This is my outlet, and not writing leaves me too full of emotions! Ha. Be back soon :)