Friday, July 30, 2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back to school swimsuits

Now is the time for swimsuit buying since the stores are trying to make way for sweaters and pants. The thought of either of those two things makes me sweat and if you live anywhere near Texas you'll agree. We won't need a jacket until late October, (IF EVEN THEN,) and I'm a jacket girl at heart. I'm a native Texan so I'm not sure why. I love jackets.

But that's not what I want to talk about. Look how cute these suits are.

My new favorite swimsuit, (it's been a while since I had a new one since, well, I was wearing maternity ones for a few years,) is from Lime Ricki swimwear and I love it. It has stood up to some (lots of) abuse already this summer. I hand wash it but other than that it's not high maintenance at all. It's cute and provides full-coverage so even when someone is pulling on your strap while trying to defy gravity (ahem Joy,) nothing much will show.

All of their colors match across the board so if you have yellow bottoms they will match any other top with yellow in it. There aren't multiple shades of any color, which really helps if you like to change it up but don't want to buy a whole new swimsuit. All they sell is tankinis and one pieces. I've had the blue tankini, the one in the first picture, for a little over a month and I just ordered an extra top since they're on sale this week.

Did you hear that? Every suit is on sale this week. So get crackin'. If you find one you like consider looking at their size chart and going up a size from what you think you'd wear. I normally wear an 8 in clothes and a 10/12 swimsuit and I wear an XL in their swimsuits. I'm not ashamed since I tell myself they just run small. Ha! If it helps you out when buying your suit and trying to avoid exchanging it, (which I did three times before I found the right fit,) I'm all for it.

No they didn't pay me or ask me to advertise. I just love my swimsuit and want to spread the word. If they would like to give me future discounts, though, I'm not gonna argue. :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dressing herself these days

It was actually what her momma dressed her in after said momma realized that the shirt she meant to pack for Charlie didn't make it in the swim bag. You know, the bag momma takes for post-swim public appearances. So she took it like a champ and wore an adult L t-shirt to dinner.

God love her.

Friday, July 23, 2010

First movie

UPDATE: Burger lunch in preparation for first movie experience: 18 dollars. Movie tickets for Ty, Me, and Sean: 21 dollars. Popcorn and drink: 8 dollars. Ty announcing to all other moviegoers that he was ready to leave 30 minutes into movie: PRICELESS.

We're about to watch Toy Story 3 with Ty. His first movie. For obvious reasons it's not been easy to take him to a movie. Aunt Emmy is keeping the girls for us so we can be here.

Buying tickets

"Whoa that's a big tv"

Lots of clapping going on and we're still only seeing previews. Full recap later!

PS notice my arm=bandage-free!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Here's a view of what I bought yesterday for $44 American dollars.

Oh here's a bigger view

Think that's all I got? Nope.

This is all I got plus another identical pair of jeans. At JCrew I found two pairs of jeans, (exactly the same because that's what was on clearance and I acted fast,) and a t-shirt for $31 and a total of $12.99 at Gap. The plaid shirt was $4.99. Shopping for bargains is my favorite hobby. My mom trained me well. I also found Sean some shorts at Gap but I didn't lay them out to show you because they're men's shorts and no one cares what they look like, least of all my husband who will wear them. Those were $14.99 and he says they're his favorite shorts ever.
I'm training him to appreciate what I find at a bargain price because not only is it something practical but it's kind of like a trophy for his bargain-hunting wife. In the event that someone tells him, "Hey man, cool shorts," he can say, "Dude my wife got a sweet deal on these!"

We all know that's not gonna happen but it's a good thought.

Charlie's little dress/leggings combo-the dress matches both the green and aqua leggings-cost $7.99 all together and she loves it. Someone returned the dress and since it was on the clearance rack, (my slice of heaven,) and it was the only one left they guessed at the price and guessed low. I'm all for low guessing.

So technically I'm bragging about the good deals I found but I'm also going to start sharing tips soon to help you get the most for your money while also getting cute clothes in the process. You know me, I'm your resident over-sharer. In this case it will benefit you. I may start having Q and A sessions with mom here because, well, I learned from the master.

Mom, would you be willing to do that with me? (I haven't asked her yet.)

I'm sure she will be happy to share ideas.

I'm off to go bribe Ty to take a nap since he's currently running laps around his room. When does school start again?

Oh here's a picture of my arm from last night.

See. Almost healed. It ain't pretty I told you that.

Okay bye.

Monday, July 19, 2010


As I sit and type on the computer my still-healing arm is resting right on the spot where I burned it. That I can keep doing the typing amidst the touching means I'm on the mend. I appreciate any/all of the sympathy and especially enjoy the fact that almost every woman I tell about what happened gives me a, "Oh, yeah, I've totally done that."

That's what it's all about. I mean, really. Togetherness. Relating. Encouraging. Sympathizing.

Or is it all about those things just for me?

I'm boring myself with the phrase, "It's been one of those weeks," but it has. The kids have been great and healthy but other things have been making themselves known as intruders into this wonder we call life. Health stuff, hurt feelings stuff, ugly trying-to-forgive-but-can't-yet stuff, the hard stuff that God tells us will be here. The real meat stuff is hard to press through with a good attitude, isn't it? I'm all for being a good Christian when the ducks are in a row. As we all are.

All I can say to wrap up this last week is that I'm grateful for people who are more spiritually mature than I am who have called me out when I needed it then taught me lovingly how to carry on. There are few things more beautiful than when Christ turns something ugly in us into something beautiful to help other people. That's His business. The ugly stuff. The recreating stuff. The impossible becoming reality.

Oh and yes there is healing taking place on my arm too. It's ugly too I'm not gonna lie.

I might post a picture if you really want to see it.

Or not.

You know how I am.

I almost forgot to tell y'all two very important things.

1. I've discovered the best hair product I've ever tried for wavy/curly hair. I've never loved wearing my hair that way, (the natural way for me,) until yesterday, the first time I tried it.
It's called Noodle Head styling cream/lotion and you can only buy it at Sally's. Best part? $5.99. But it works better than any BedHead stuff I've tried. And those cost a lot more. Pairing it with my new Curls Like Us drying cloths that I won in a giveaway, my hair looks like it's supposed to instead of like my two-year-old daughter styled it. The nurse who wrapped my arm at CareNow had great hair and she told me about the Noodle Head stuff. Oh and it smells like coconut and pineapple. Yum.

2. I can't remember # 2. I'll get back to you.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Their hair gets longer by the minute

They strut their stuff playing with their brother

They are amazed by something they see every single day

They ponder their next move

They burn their arms taking dinner out of the oven

And then take care of it the wrong way and it gets infected

Then they get to go to CareNow and get a fancy bandage and rx cream and antibiotics.

Then they pause and wait for sympathy.

Thanks. I feel better now.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Flash forward

Time keeps speeding up. I thought the summer would go slower. I mean look.

Joy started driving.

Then got bored. She's like a teenager already.

Ty got serious and smart.

Charlie formed an opinion about her clothes. "No, want the pink one..." she's wearing one of the shirts I ordered online for her and picked this one to wear instead of the green one that I thought she would love.

Don't think I won't make her wear it. She's two. Two=not in charge.

Joy's hair is finally growing in. Lord only knows what it will be like.

And Joy has started trying to climb out of her high chair.

Not real excited about that one but we are clearly demented enough to stop to take a picture before getting her down.

We need help. Figuratively and literally.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sliding doors

How I wish they were all sliding doors.

There wouldn't be as many "Help me! I'm trapped behind this door I just closed!" moments. But it's a new trick and she loves to do it.

Every door in the house is opened and closed approximately 39 times a day. Until she grows a little more and can reach the knob (and then learn how to use it,) I'll be her rescuer.

And that's ok. It helps me discover which doors need W-D40.

Monday, July 12, 2010


He keeps going...

And going...

Until he's gone. My wingman is like me-very happy when he first wakes up then goes downhill throughout the day. He loves going to sleep and I love that he loves going there. Because I do too.

He's my wingman.

In his daddy's hat.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The only productive thing I did today

Cut up all of the fruit I bought at a farmer's market. The one I went to today during my break from life, a gift from my husband. Yesterday when he got home he told me to check the calendar, (he knows I don't look at it) and it said, "Mommy's Day Off-Be Gone All Day" Who am I to argue with that?

So I went all over the place. To every store I skip because the kids won't last. To meet my parents for an impromptu shopping trip. To Taco Bell for a meal. I was so happy to see everybody tonight when I got home that I skipped the unloading and went straight upstairs to see them before they went to bed.

Then I started cutting. And now I'm done for the day.

Beautiful. I love my husband.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I fell and I couldn't get up

It's 12:20 pm and I'm ready for tomorrow.

This morning was our first appointment for Ty's speech therapy at the place he goes (will go) for the summer. It's basically mid-July and it's taken quite a while to get it going, as you can tell. The appt times they had for us is 8:30 in the morning on different days of the week. Basically we got the time that no one else wanted but it's not a horrible time for us. I was fine and all systems were go, all three were up and dressed by 8 and during the ten minutes it takes me to load them and the stuff, (my time is improving, used to take much longer,) I prayed that Ty would have a good time and that he would feel comfortable. He has been to the building a few times for assessments and intake appointments so he was excited to go in.

His therapist came to get him from the waiting room and he cried a little bit on the walk back with her but I could tell it was more of an apprehension because she was a brand new person to him so I knew he'd be fine once they started playing. I saw a friend from my bible study in the waiting room and had a good time catching up with her about her son and her family. There are toys in the waiting room so the girls were entertained and all was going fine. Until.


The nice lady behind the desk told me it was time to go back to see the therapist for the last five minutes of the appointment.

Um, sure.

I'm on my way with my diaper bag-o-goodies and my two small children, one of whom wishes she was in her crib where she belongs between the hours of 9 and 10. We went down the hall and I talked to Charlie about obeying mommy while we were talking to the therapist. We made our way into the room that, coincidentally, happens to be only a hair bigger than Joy's crib. I plopped down in the floor with Joy in my lap to listen to the therapist. Ty and Charlie started chatting and Joy started putting toys in her mouth. I noticed that each toy Joy touched would find its way into a separate bin and it took all of 30 seconds to figure out that the therapist was separating them so that she could clean them for the next child. I felt horrible.

I felt helpless to avoid what was happening but also horrible. It was physically impossible to set the girls aside to let them play because the room was so small. The toys were all over the floor and Joy was starting to fade because it was her nap time. Imagine your worst out-to-lunch-with-friends-with-your-kids experience and there I was. Minus the food. And the new toys that you buy the happy meal for to entertain your kids so you can eat your lunch.

I kept apologizing and telling the therapist that one of the days from now on won't be like this. I explained Sean's work schedule and that he will likely bring him half the time, (which will probably be all the time since Ty has fully switched over to preferring Sean,) and sitting with Sean and Ty in a room opposed to Me, Charlie, Joy, and Ty will seem a lot more peaceful. She laughed and told me she didn't mind and that almost all parents are bringing in a sibling during the visit. She added that it's rare that the timing can be that bad though and I felt better after that! She recognized that part of the problem was just that it was nap time for Joy and nothing made her happy. She saw the big knot on Charlie's lip and recognized that there was probably a little post-fall drama working. All in all she couldn't have been nicer.

All in all I couldn't have been more frustrated. It was hard.

I pulled in the garage and had Sean on the phone. I was wearing a headset so I started getting out of the car. Did I mention that it was raining all morning? That was a small factor but not a huge deal up until my exit from the car. I had my phone and keys in one hand and my drink in the other. What I do every time I step out of my car. I had flip flops on like almost every other day of the year. But this time when I set my foot down I slipped and fell. I landed on the bottom ridge of the car. Sean heard me and must have thought I broke my leg because I gasped when it knocked the breath out of me and then started crying like one of my kids. I told him I was okay and nothing was broken, (with my back still attached to the car and my spilled drink all over me,) and that I only hit my back and my rear end and that I'd call him back. Then I just sat there and kept crying. The kids all said, "Mommy fell, oh Mommy fell down I sorry," which made me feel better. At least they were sympathetic.

Soon after I had my mommy moment I unloaded the kids and my mom called to check on us and to see how Ty's appointment went and I just blurted out everything that had happened and felt better after that. I called Sean back, got the kids settled, and opened the door for Bonnie and the little boy she babysits since they were coming over for a play date. I've known Bonnie long enough that I didn't want to cancel because she has seen the good bad and the ugly in my house and she's easy to have around. I felt better after rehashing it for her too.

So basically I'm gonna go take a nap and start over. The good news is that I didn't fall onto my phone, (that would've caused me to really cry hard,) and the other good news is that we have a huge bottle of Advil and I don't have to load everybody up to go buy some. I'm bruised but will be fine. This afternoon will be a new "day" and the sun is shining. If I can get my crippled self into my swimsuit I might tackle the spray park.

Or not.

Depends on how good my nap is.

Happy Day, y'all. Hope yours is going smoother than mine.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Her wish is my command

When the morning starts like this

Momma has to get creative to keep her happy.

And there you have it. If you're thinking the salt touching the big gash on her lip would deter her you don't know Charlie. Thought it was going to be our 2nd trip to the ER with her, (remember the concussion?) but it is actually not a deep cut. Thank God.

Since she is clearly doing ok-notice the crossed legs--I'm off to organize the girls' closet.


I'm also painting their room. I'm knocking myself out with ambition, y'all.

Happy Wednesday.

My prayer

I'm fighting the urge to pull out of my summer bible study because Joy gets kicked out every week. I know I'm learning and I need to stick with it but when I sit down to read and answer the questions I struggle. I'm literally praying for her to calm down so she can stay in the nursery each week (Wednesday morning,) starting on Sunday.

Here is my prayer:

"Dear Lord, please let Joy feel loved and secure in the nursery on Wednesday morning so I can stay and learn to be a better person. Help her calm down so that she doesn't throw up on any nice nursery workers. Amen."

Seriously. What has my spiritual life come to?

Monday, July 5, 2010

American flag

Sean took this at our church yesterday morning. Amazing, isn't it? That's Ty in the middle :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

It was a happy day. Full of splashes. Full of full swim diapers. All 23 of us had pool water on us at one point or another, even the ones who tried to avoid it. Also known as family fun. Happy Independence Day!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Friday, July 2, 2010

Giveaway almost over!



Only one day left girls--go to my giveaways page and enter to win this pair of aprons!