Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sliding doors

How I wish they were all sliding doors.

There wouldn't be as many "Help me! I'm trapped behind this door I just closed!" moments. But it's a new trick and she loves to do it.

Every door in the house is opened and closed approximately 39 times a day. Until she grows a little more and can reach the knob (and then learn how to use it,) I'll be her rescuer.

And that's ok. It helps me discover which doors need W-D40.


Carley said...

That's hilarious! Cody is in to doing the EXACT same thing. We just laugh. If I go into the pantry, I can expect him to come and close the door behind me. All the doors upstairs end up shut many times a day. How funny that they think it's fun! Cute! That makes me want to take a picture of Cody doing it too. Oh...and Ty looks cute in Sean's hat!

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

Love it!! OK, so we can't wait to come see you guys! Unfortunately we'll be in Austin this weekend, but next week we are here all week. I need a good excuse to go to IKEA anyway! ;) Let me know what y'all(s) schedule looks like!