Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back to school swimsuits

Now is the time for swimsuit buying since the stores are trying to make way for sweaters and pants. The thought of either of those two things makes me sweat and if you live anywhere near Texas you'll agree. We won't need a jacket until late October, (IF EVEN THEN,) and I'm a jacket girl at heart. I'm a native Texan so I'm not sure why. I love jackets.

But that's not what I want to talk about. Look how cute these suits are.

My new favorite swimsuit, (it's been a while since I had a new one since, well, I was wearing maternity ones for a few years,) is from Lime Ricki swimwear and I love it. It has stood up to some (lots of) abuse already this summer. I hand wash it but other than that it's not high maintenance at all. It's cute and provides full-coverage so even when someone is pulling on your strap while trying to defy gravity (ahem Joy,) nothing much will show.

All of their colors match across the board so if you have yellow bottoms they will match any other top with yellow in it. There aren't multiple shades of any color, which really helps if you like to change it up but don't want to buy a whole new swimsuit. All they sell is tankinis and one pieces. I've had the blue tankini, the one in the first picture, for a little over a month and I just ordered an extra top since they're on sale this week.

Did you hear that? Every suit is on sale this week. So get crackin'. If you find one you like consider looking at their size chart and going up a size from what you think you'd wear. I normally wear an 8 in clothes and a 10/12 swimsuit and I wear an XL in their swimsuits. I'm not ashamed since I tell myself they just run small. Ha! If it helps you out when buying your suit and trying to avoid exchanging it, (which I did three times before I found the right fit,) I'm all for it.

No they didn't pay me or ask me to advertise. I just love my swimsuit and want to spread the word. If they would like to give me future discounts, though, I'm not gonna argue. :)


We Three Smiths + 1 said...

I just bought one of these! I had never seen them before...went to the site and couldn't resist! Hope it fits...I'm always scared about ordering without trying on, but I guess I can always send it back. Thanks for letting us know about these cute things!

Mary said...

Oh I'm so glad! You will love it once you find your perfect size--which one did you pick? I almost know the suits by name I look so often at them :)

Carley said...

I ordered the Jessica tankini with regular bottomw. I love that one piece (the one you have the picture for) and might end up getting that too once I know the fit. So cute!

Mary said...

Glad you found one you like too Carley!

Anonymous said...

I put a bug in Nathan's ear about which one I wanted for my birthday... we'll see! ;-)

Miss Mommy said...

Those are so cute!!! I rarely get excited about swimsuits.