Thursday, July 31, 2008

How cute is this?

How cute is this? Forgot to post it yesterday. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fingers are Crossed

We're all back home now. The goal of leaving was to keep baby girl well and when she started running a fever we punted and came home.  Today she is drooling and chewing on everything. Hmmm.  Maybe we've beaten the virus and only have to surrender to teething. Fingers are crossed.

Since I'm back at my computer I thought I'd give a glimpse into our house last week.  The only time big boy would drink was when he wasn't thinking about it so we followed him around with at least three choices everywhere he went.  In the other pic Ty is watching my Dad play his violin.  See how pitiful he looks? Praise God it is over and he feels almost normal now. 

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Glory Days

**written yesterday but the old computer wouldn't engage**
Just got a snow cone here in the bustling metropolis of Waxahachie. I used to be a frequent flier at the old stand and it hasn't changed at all--maybe one new coat of paint. Since I have had blood sugar issues my whole life that were aggravated during pregnancy I have to stick to the sugar free flavors now. There are three. Not exactly the go-to snack if you have a specific craving. Worth the $2.00 for the ice alone though.

Since it was/is still 103 today I'm not the only one who thought of the snow cone idea. Two girls in line with me were talking bad about one of their fellow cheerleaders that got in trouble last weekend. "A little drinking problem," they said. Like they were truly sympathetic. They compared notes (guess they had not seen eachother or talked since the big bust,) so the main topic they covered was whether or not her football star boyfriend would break up with her and ask one of them out. Again, the sympathy was palpable. Ah the glory days of high school. The sad thing is that not much has changed. The girls still want to be prettier, better, and smarter than their competition. Still wanting the star football player to notice them. Still longing to be homecoming queen. Still wondering if life will REALLY go on without them after graduation.

And it does. (Didn't feel compelled to tell them that today, not that they asked,) but I did tell them in my best sooooo not a boring mom of 2 lingo that it gets much much better after graduation. Do you agree? Were your days in high school the glory days or did everything from that point on make you feel less self-conscious and more free?

I ran into my old high school cheerleading coach at Target (see, I told you,) and told her about the conversation I overheard. She said she remembers the drama within my group. I'd rather forget.

Contrary to popular opinion, I find the female teenaged brain fascinating for two reasons: I am done with that phase and I do not yet have a female teenager of my own. High school ministry here we come!
**Added today: Charlie now has fever and is not interested in eating. Stay tuned**

Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Old Stompin' Ground

Trying for the shortest version of the recap. Ty got blisters on his lips so I looked in his mouth. Blisters everywhere--took him to after hours Dr. and he has hands, feet, and mouth virus too. Am I the last person to learn about this horrible virus? Horrible. Fever dropped, he started drinking again, and took snippets of sleep. Mom and Dad helped me and I am in search of a really big thank-you gift. Maybe a boat. Yesterday his Daddy got home. I cried. Such relief to know that I could let him take over. He's a great daddy. I came to my parents' house with Charlie so she (hopefully) doesn't catch the stuff. Thankfully Charlie is probably the easiest baby I've ever known so we all slept hard and partially recovered. It's hard to be away from Ty when he is sick but I know how he's doing play by play. Texting is great! He is steadily improving. Whew.

Being back in my old house with "Chuck" as she is often referred if her already nickname name isn't really peaceful. Everything is slow here. It took about 30 minutes to download all of the info on my blog so I could sign in. It is quiet and dog-free :) Lots of smiles behind that one for sure. I've gone through my old closet and found sweaters I thought I had lost. I finished a scarf that I started about a month ago. I knit two rows at a time at home. When Charlie wakes up from her nap I'm going into town to Target. Big excitement. No really. It's the place to be here--never know who you are gonna run into. Soon I'll post something totally unrelated to sickness or tears.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Second Hardest Parenting Moment

Praise God no one else is sick yet...with strep--which is what he has.  My pediatrician said yesterday that he had "stuff" on his tonsils but the strep test was negative.  After the night we had, I called first thing this morning and had a come to Jesus meeting with the nurse over the phone.  Something like, "If we can't get medicine soon I'm bringing him there and you can keep him..." and bless her heart...she is new there but she's a jewel.  She didn't respond with the cattiness (is that a word?) that I exhibited.  About ten minutes later the doctor called me herself. I LOVE HER.  Yes, I drive forty-five minutes to her office, clear across Dallas because I LOVE HER. She told me what to look for in his throat and I described it to her so we wouldn't have to come in.  Red stuff, white stuff, swollen stuff. "Pretty sure it's got an "ITIS" on the end," I said. My family Dr. used to say we only came to him as a second opinion because my mom could diagnose us at home with her Mayo Clinic book. (!) She called in an antibiotic and something to numb his throat so he will drink. No wet diapers yesterday so I was scared he was dehydrated. We'll conquer eating too, (a whole different animal.) I was so relieved when I picked up the medicine I teared up when the pharmacist came out to explain everything to me. That's how hard it has been for little man Ty. I'll update later. This has been my second hardest parenting moment(s). Both have happened when Sean is on a trip. Those of you whose husbands travel will all agree-this always happens! The hardest parenting moment was...well...another post altogether. Thanks for the well-wishes! 

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Knew it was coming...

Safe to say we've started the family virus cycle.  Long day.  Lord help us through the night.  Ty was so sick today--asleep for the first time since this morning and he drank a total of about 6 ounces all day. Normal for him is so much more than that (45-55 oz. not exaggerating) and I could tell it hurt really bad to drink those 6.  I look forward to the day when he can say, "Momma, this hurts," and I can say, "I know but it will get better," and he'll believe me.  Nattie met me at the doctor this morning, (the night last night was bad but not terrible,) and then followed me home to help.  I truly hope to be the Mom that she is.  When the clouds part I'll give an update.  Until then if you know us in daily life, stay away! 

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Best Dessert Ever and Christmas

Just had to share two things: the Best Dessert Recipe Ever and the realization that Christmas is right around the corner.

Here's the is from a cookbook that my mom contributed to years ago called "Gingerbread and all the trimmings." It will change your life. If I'm wrong write me a comment and send me an even better recipe.  I'm up for a little friendly banter.  Especially over dessert.  

Strawberry Brulee

1 (8oz.) package cream cheese
1 1/2 cups sour cream
6 Tablespoons sugar
2 pints fresh strawberries (sliced)
1 cup brown sugar

Beat cream cheese and sour cream until fluffy.  Add sugar and mix 30 seconds.  In 9 x 13 dish layer strawberries and cream cheese mixture--no right way to do this! Sprinkle brown sugar on top and put on bottom shelf of oven.  Broil until bubbly.  Eat while hot and then try it cold.  We are torn in our house which way is better! 

Okay on to Christmas.  I went to Joann fabric and lo and behold (say with southern twang to get best effect) it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  I knew Hobby Lobby had their stuff out (even the air fresheners...aaahhhh) but the other stores are catching up and soon there will be trees and wreaths and the whole deal.  How exciting!  I'm the type that actually really likes this so if you're the, "but it's July..." type then I'm sorry.  You might not like me after all.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Well I'd ask you to guess how much my new favorite thing cost me at Hobby Lobby this week but I'm sure you can put it together...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'll NEVER...

I'm guilty.  I used to judge other moms for lots of things.  Wish I had kept my mouth and my judgments shut and to myself, respectively.  This happened about two months ago, when it was not so Africa hot outside.  I was filling out paperwork for Charlie's doctor visit and since she was asleep I took the monitor and went outside with Ty.  I sat at the little table outside and started filling out the 11 sheets of paper for my infant daughter.  Yes 11 sheets of paper.  She was five months old at the time and I guess I was deep in thought about all of the information they needed for her because I missed a few minutes of Ty playing.  I scanned the yard and didn't see him so I got up to walk around the side of the house.  This is where I found him.  One of my "I'll NEVER do that as a parent..." statements used to be "I'LL never NOT KNOW what they are doing." Ha.  He was saying, "Hep." And man did he need help.  He got a sandbox for Christmas and would much rather play in the dirt.  Literally IN the dirt. In his nice shorts.  Okay Target shorts but they are the ones he wears to church. Did you see his shirt? Life is good.  Yep. It sure was that day. 

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Henry!

Happy 1st Birthday Henry! Henry is my brother's son...and I'm trying really hard to post pics of his birthday party this past weekend and I'm struggling.  I'll have someone look at it for me. (Sean, if you're reading this...) My parents and sister went to Jackson, MS to celebrate the little man and helped Graham and Ana with stuff around their house.  My crew didn't go on the jaunt and I'm sure they're thankful. There is no house big enough for the existing 5 adults, one child, and three dogs plus my 2 adults, 2 kids and dog.  I'm sure there is a house big enough but not within the family and even then I hate to ruin a good party. We kept Emmy's dog Phoebe here and she did fine.  I think Max thinks Phoebe is his playmate but she isn't really a Max fan. Bless his heart--he's hurting for a friend. 

I'd like to kick a shout out to all of you ladies who enjoy a migraine on the 28th day of every month. I felt your pain yesterday and I'm one of the lucky ones who can take Excedrin Migraine and survive without heavier drugs. Wow today is a better day already.  Even though I discovered that Max got sick yesterday on the entry way rug...wish I had found that yesterday--would have made clean up a lot easier but I guess in a way I'm glad I didn't find it to add to the headache symptoms.  Eewww.  Thank you Max.  Love ya.

We skipped story time on Tuesday.  Read prior post and you'll understand why.  We did go to Leslie's (sister-in-law) house yesterday to play and also got to hang out with David and Jennie at the playground.  I'm interested in how moms deal with the older/bigger kid on the little kid playground issue...Any suggestions?  I know that I can't do what I want to do (trip them) so I need a polite but productive solution. Jennie and I both feel like there has to be a way to protect the little people from the kids whose moms leave them there and go shopping.  Worse are the ones that are THERE but watch their way-too-big-to-be-there kids plow over other kids...and just sit and laugh like, "Oh how cute is my adult-sized child making the other kids scared to come here!" How cute.  I think the headache didn't make me any nicer yesterday.

I saw a shoplifter running through the mall being chased by two men who were not going to catch him...thought about tripping the thief too but hello...I had my kids there.  Otherwise he'd have been a great target. My massive tank double stroller would've done the trick for sure. 

I've been looking for my headset (hands free talking while simultaneously feeding/changing/cleaning/driving) and I'm at a loss.  I use it constantly when Sean is gone and apparently I put it down in an unusual place.  I lose things all the time so no one is surprised but this is one of the few things I am really dependent on.  Just to be clear when I say cleaning I mean cleaning up whatever bodily fluids might be visible at a given time. 

I'm almost finished with Charlie's room.  I have never cared about decorating before but I have loved working on her room.  It has been fun to make a few things and have projects to work on during the quiet times around our house :)  Quiet times are few and far between but they are splendid. I'll post pictures when I'm done.

Off to look for the headset.  Enjoy your day!

Monday, July 14, 2008


Launch Day

Big news around our house--Sean found his wedding ring! It has been missing for 3 months...almost bought a new one so we're excited and relieved.  I told him that a new one was going to be his anniversary gift.  Fun gift huh. I think he's especially excited he found it so he might get a surprise gift now--and yes, since our anniversary is in August he's holding out for a firearm/camo related gift I'm sure. 

One event pretty much sums up the weekend: 3G iphone launch. We knew way ahead of time what day the new phone would be released.  Keep in mind that Sean already has an iphone but he's waited patiently (kind of) for the 3G.  Apparently it's much much faster.  So far only the teenaged boys at church can tell a difference but whatever...When Sean got his schedule for this month it said that he would be working on the day of the release. Lord help me.  Thought I'd have to go wait in the line for him but thankfully the owner has to be there in person for the activation this time so that relieved me of my selfless wife duty. Launch day he was in Jackson, MS and he took a cab to the A T & T store.  Waited in line there for a few hours before he had to leave to get ready for work.  He was bummed but ok.  He got re-routed and didn't get home that night until 11:00 p.m.  It was a huge relief for him to be home because my little Ty man was not the best playmate this weekend.  Teething.  Let's leave it at that.  

The next morning, (Saturday,) I lovingly suggested he go check the Apple store to see if they had any more phones.  I am, after all, so selfless...ha! It was 8:00 a.m.  By 8:12 he was out the door, telling me he didn't have to since he'd just gotten home but I insisted (thinking he'll be home by 10:00 at the latest,) and we'd go about the day.  The kids and I went to visit him around 11:00. By noon I was really relieved that we'd asked a babysitter to come for that night so we could go out...when the babysitter got there at 4:00, Sean wasn't home yet.  That's a whole school day.  I was like a caged animal by then so I left the house.  Called Sean and told him I'd meet him when he finished.  He said that a 17 year-old boy was in line directly in front of him and at 4:15 when the manager came out to tell the by now impatient people in line that they had just run out of black phones (the male favorite,) the boy got so upset that he left. After waiting in line for the whole day.  My determined husband wasn't gonna budge. He got his phone at 4:30 (a black one that an employee had misplaced earlier--which means the kid would've gotten it since he was in front of Sean,) and we went to dinner and a movie.  The interesting part of the whole fiasco is that my husband is not a line person.  He's not patient with lines or traffic or any form of waiting. He hates road trips..."Why spend a whole day driving when you could fly and be there in two hours..." Clearly he'd be singing a different tune if each flight involved little people crying on your lap vs. stopping whenever necessary (i.e. remotely convenient) to get out and run around.  And get a new Sonic drink.  I like driving places.  He likes flying. Interesting family trips ahead.  

It was a hard day for the whole family (not really in the grand scheme of things I realize,) but we got the phone. For payback, yesterday I left the house after church and didn't get home until dinnertime.  Whew.  Made all of the memories of launch day disappear and I was genuinely happy to see everyone again.  I didn't even care that Ty greeted me with, "Daddy!" when he saw me.  

Friday, July 11, 2008

Dolly Said It, Not Me

Steel Magnolias was on all day today on Oxygen.  I'm sure everybody has a different favorite part of that movie but let's all agree that when Dolly says, "There is no such thing as natural beauty..." it was and is a classic line!  Her next statements are, "I mean, look at me.  It takes some effort to look like this." You're not kidding.

It reminded me to post pictures of my flowers growing outside.  Natural beauty at its best. These flowers are so happy looking, and you can't tell from my pictures but they are nearly as tall as I am.  I can't really take credit for planting them-my Dad (expert) did it but I've kept them alive so far and that should count for something. When I was gone to Florida and Sean was here tending to them they suffered just a little bit but I brought them back.  They've survived many thunderstorms and the Africa heat. (That's a Sean term...) I'm so proud!  My sister said today that my yard should win "Yard of the Month." I'm not sure if my neighborhood does that but this is really the only part of the flower beds that are doing ok so I think she was just being nice since I'm keeping her dog this weekend. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The World is Mine

Meet me, He did.  Not in the way I was joking about but He was there.  Story time was hilarious. Laugh out loud hilarious.  My wonderful, helpful friend Jennie was there with David and of course was taking care of him but also managed to help me.  First, this is what God showed me since I  wrote this morning.  Read through to the end and you'll get a play by play of what happened at the library.

I always tend to have a little pity party on the first day of Sean's trips. All of the madness by myself.  All of the feeding, all of the fits, and all of the dirty diapers.  Already today there have been three of those and I only have two kids.  Anyway, I know that it is coming and even prepare myself ahead of time but it almost always happens.  I could do this...or that...but I can't leave the house.  I could make this...or go there or make some really interesting crafty something or other but it might get left mid-project and not be seen again until Friday.  Then the glue would be dry and I'd have to start over.  Same song nine hundredth verse.

I was asking God for reassurance and direction when I thought about how much of a complainer I've turned into.  I always complained but I've turned into a spiritual complainer. "Lord, I know You see me here and You could change something.  Give them good sleep.  Make their teeth stop hurting.  Heal Ty's finger.  Do this please...and this next." Shame on me.  There are many things in my little corner of the world that are redundant.  So what.  There are a few things that stink.  Literally.  So what.  There are hundreds of times during each day to complain about these little people that can't help that they need care.  They are little.  They are helpless a lot of the time.  And they need me.  I am their mother.  They are my kids.  And I am a child of God who has been shown over and over how to apply God's Word to everyday life. No more pity parties.  Thank You, Jesus for this lesson!  I remembered a phrase, "The world is mine..." and felt a rush of forgiveness. I love this poem about being thankful.  

Okay so the library.  We arrived about ten minutes early.  I was deciding how to shuttle them in (I make it sound like I have 7,) when we drove up and I heard Ty's drink cup hit the floor of the car.  This means he finished his whole cup of water (with a splash of juice,) during the 6 minute drive from home to the library.  It's all good.  Thankfully, since I'm a planner (ha!) I brought a back-up cup. I might forget a lot of things but I've learned that my son is a heavy drinker. Couldn't help myself.  We almost always bring two cups. Ok I unload everybody and we make our way to the second floor. Ty has developed a fear of elevators.  No problem, we'll take the stairs.  Today he was also afraid of stairs.  So I carried one on each hip--right hip Charlie (24 pounds) and left hip Ty (35 pounds at last weigh-in).  No working out for me today.  Anyway we find Jennie and David in line and Ty doesn't want to hold my hand.  Now, when he doesn't want to do something he goes straight to yelling.  On a good day it's a whine but this was not a good day. Practicing my Love and Logic skills without endangering him or walking away from him, I made it into story time and the show started. They were doing great!  Jennie and I were amazed at how well it was going.  We were so proud.  Then Charlie got hungry.  I had a bottle so started feeding her and Ty wanted to get in my lap.  No problem.  One kid on each leg and one arm feeding Charlie, other arm consoling Ty.  Burp Charlie.  Ty starts eating goldfish.  Still feeling pretty proud.  Charlie sticks her finger in her mouth (teething,) and gags herself.  Vomits.  On me and on Ty since he's in my lap.  I start laughing and sweating and didn't stop sweating until my shower, which was an hour ago.  I had one burp cloth.  I know better.  I wipe Ty down and try to keep him happy while wiping Charlie off.  Charlie's hand hits the goldfish bowl that I'm simultaneously feeding Ty out of and the goldfish go flying.  The whole bowl full.  I start laughing again, (what else are you gonna do,) and start picking them up--thank you, Jennie--and keep Ty sitting down.  Once they stand up that's it.  By this time story time is nearly over. Lay Charlie down so she can see Jennie while I load the bag for the "Goodbye Song." Remove goldfish from hand of the baby crawling behind me. The mom was in the exact same boat so she had quick reflexes.  Again, Jennie and I said, "They did great!" And they did.  I was covered in bodily fluids, (more than I realized at the time,) but we survived! Victory!  Managed to make it through the elevator ride down even though Ty was glued to me and walked out to the car, only to discover that Charlie had pooped.  On me.  I talked to Sean right after I left the library and forgot to even mention that.  Happens a lot.  His words were, "You are a nut." Yep.  But today, I'm thankful.  

Wherefore Art Thou Background

Someone took my free background away! I loved it so...but not enough to pay for it.  That's what a cash budget will do to you.  I am now a huge believer in using cash but that's not an exciting topic, (not that most of mine are!) Ty did not build what was in the picture and I should have clarified that.  If I ever round the corner and see something like that before he is 5 I'll be sure to call reporters and you'll see it on the news.  "Nonverbal Boy Genius: Constructs Model Hotels Out of Blocks."  That'll be the day.

I'm open to suggestions about the new background. I don't decorate so I don't pretend to know what should go where and what colors go together.  I rely on siblings, (mine and Sean's) for that. We're off to storytime.  Say a quick prayer if you are reading before 11:00.  It's my first time to take both little piglets without help.  Meet me, Jesus.  I'll need Your "hep." 

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Gotta Love Advil

After being in Southlake with Sean's family on Friday we spent Saturday at home with my family working on projects.  My parents have a new neighbor who is a builder so they took his leftover wood and made blocks for Ty.  Dad cut the wood and Mom and I took turns sanding the pieces.  I don't know how builders do it because my arms shook yesterday hours after finishing and today I'm sore in never-before-sore places.  Thank God we buy Advil in bulk. I've seen an infomercial for some contraption that shakes the fat off of you and I think all people need to do is get a power sander. You  can pick one up at Home Depot and it's probably cheaper than the "fat shaker" contraption. I'm sure it has a better name--Emmy (my sister,) has been renovating her condo and sands things all the time.  I don't know how she functions after doing that.  Anyway...We made blocks and Sean patched holes in the walls.  I am finally decorating Charlie's room so I worked on that while we had extra help with the kids. We ate ribs and homemade potato salad so our 4th of July celebratory eating lasted a full two days.  Yum...

My niece Allie had some good conversations with Charlie that day and my nephew Cole posed for me--I couldn't get anyone else to stop long enough to smile for the camera.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Waiting for Fireworks

Sean took these today at the 4th of July party--More pics to come!  

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Busy Week

We've packed quite a bit into the last few days. Here's an update:

We took Charlie to the new pediatric GI doctor Monday and got the "OK" to feed her 7 months she's hungry!  We started with oatmeal. Yesterday she loved it, today she's tolerating it, and by tomorrow she might be done with it but we learned with Ty that we have to win this battle.  We WILL win this battle.  This new doctor thinks no more tests are necessary but he said that the laxative that she has been on for four months (!) is not a good one to be on, especially for a child.  That's nice since it was another ped. GI doctor that gave it to us. Hmmm...I  thought about calling the old office and leaving a nasty message but I decided that the big picture is well...the big picture and left it alone.  Thankfully she doesn't show nearly as much discomfort as she used to. 

We got motivated: Yesterday we joined the rec center in town and in the last 24 hours Sean and I have both worked out and we have gone swimming twice.  Prior to joining the workout force I had a humbling experience.  Saturday morning after waking up to a dove outside the window, (Sean made a comment about opening weekend in September and how he would "take care of it" if the law permitted,) I went on a walk.  I was feeling particularly footloose and fancy free since the walk didn't involve anyone but me so I walked a little faster than I have in oh, two years.  I didn't run at all--just walked a little fast. Sunday morning I was sore.  The bad kind of sore.  The can't quite walk straight or get up quickly kind that usually follows something rigorous. I just walked.  So...working out now and hoping to post some before and after pictures.  Don't hold your breath.

I found the decorations that I mentioned before and already bought the supplies (notice there are no word clues,) to make Christmas gifts. Perseverance paid off!

Ty figured out how to take the peanut butter out of the Ritz peanut butter sandwich snacks and even took the time to do this at the pool. It is (was) one of the few sources of protein he would eat.

Our electricity has gone off countless times and there are no storms or clear reasons why. Making our fan-dependent child (Ty) wake up a few extra times but thank You, Lord it's not because of a bad storm.  I don't do storms well.

Aaron Brothers had a great sale on frames--buy one get one for a penny--it even applies to the clearance frames!  Since we've had a picture from our wedding signed by guests sitting in our closet for nearly three years I broke down and framed it.  Already.  

Today the cable guys come to switch us to a different company. The phone works in fifteen minute intervals throughout the day, which means the Internet also works in fifteen minute intervals.  During the heat of the day it never works so we have, at times, felt like we lived in the sticks instead of an actual city.  We dream of living in the country but our dream includes fast Internet and certainly a functional phone.  It'll be a happy day around here!  

Whew.  Cable guy needs me to get off the Internet.  Bye Bye.  Or as Ty says, "Ah bye."