Monday, July 14, 2008

Launch Day

Big news around our house--Sean found his wedding ring! It has been missing for 3 months...almost bought a new one so we're excited and relieved.  I told him that a new one was going to be his anniversary gift.  Fun gift huh. I think he's especially excited he found it so he might get a surprise gift now--and yes, since our anniversary is in August he's holding out for a firearm/camo related gift I'm sure. 

One event pretty much sums up the weekend: 3G iphone launch. We knew way ahead of time what day the new phone would be released.  Keep in mind that Sean already has an iphone but he's waited patiently (kind of) for the 3G.  Apparently it's much much faster.  So far only the teenaged boys at church can tell a difference but whatever...When Sean got his schedule for this month it said that he would be working on the day of the release. Lord help me.  Thought I'd have to go wait in the line for him but thankfully the owner has to be there in person for the activation this time so that relieved me of my selfless wife duty. Launch day he was in Jackson, MS and he took a cab to the A T & T store.  Waited in line there for a few hours before he had to leave to get ready for work.  He was bummed but ok.  He got re-routed and didn't get home that night until 11:00 p.m.  It was a huge relief for him to be home because my little Ty man was not the best playmate this weekend.  Teething.  Let's leave it at that.  

The next morning, (Saturday,) I lovingly suggested he go check the Apple store to see if they had any more phones.  I am, after all, so selfless...ha! It was 8:00 a.m.  By 8:12 he was out the door, telling me he didn't have to since he'd just gotten home but I insisted (thinking he'll be home by 10:00 at the latest,) and we'd go about the day.  The kids and I went to visit him around 11:00. By noon I was really relieved that we'd asked a babysitter to come for that night so we could go out...when the babysitter got there at 4:00, Sean wasn't home yet.  That's a whole school day.  I was like a caged animal by then so I left the house.  Called Sean and told him I'd meet him when he finished.  He said that a 17 year-old boy was in line directly in front of him and at 4:15 when the manager came out to tell the by now impatient people in line that they had just run out of black phones (the male favorite,) the boy got so upset that he left. After waiting in line for the whole day.  My determined husband wasn't gonna budge. He got his phone at 4:30 (a black one that an employee had misplaced earlier--which means the kid would've gotten it since he was in front of Sean,) and we went to dinner and a movie.  The interesting part of the whole fiasco is that my husband is not a line person.  He's not patient with lines or traffic or any form of waiting. He hates road trips..."Why spend a whole day driving when you could fly and be there in two hours..." Clearly he'd be singing a different tune if each flight involved little people crying on your lap vs. stopping whenever necessary (i.e. remotely convenient) to get out and run around.  And get a new Sonic drink.  I like driving places.  He likes flying. Interesting family trips ahead.  

It was a hard day for the whole family (not really in the grand scheme of things I realize,) but we got the phone. For payback, yesterday I left the house after church and didn't get home until dinnertime.  Whew.  Made all of the memories of launch day disappear and I was genuinely happy to see everyone again.  I didn't even care that Ty greeted me with, "Daddy!" when he saw me.  

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Dana said...

I'm sorry, but all I can do is laugh! Do you have proof that Sean stood in line that long...a pic or something? I can't believe it!