Friday, July 11, 2008

Dolly Said It, Not Me

Steel Magnolias was on all day today on Oxygen.  I'm sure everybody has a different favorite part of that movie but let's all agree that when Dolly says, "There is no such thing as natural beauty..." it was and is a classic line!  Her next statements are, "I mean, look at me.  It takes some effort to look like this." You're not kidding.

It reminded me to post pictures of my flowers growing outside.  Natural beauty at its best. These flowers are so happy looking, and you can't tell from my pictures but they are nearly as tall as I am.  I can't really take credit for planting them-my Dad (expert) did it but I've kept them alive so far and that should count for something. When I was gone to Florida and Sean was here tending to them they suffered just a little bit but I brought them back.  They've survived many thunderstorms and the Africa heat. (That's a Sean term...) I'm so proud!  My sister said today that my yard should win "Yard of the Month." I'm not sure if my neighborhood does that but this is really the only part of the flower beds that are doing ok so I think she was just being nice since I'm keeping her dog this weekend. 

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Katelyn said...

Good blog! I love Steel Magnolias! And the flowers!

thanks for my 1st comment! i had fun with Ty and Charlie tonight! They are so cute! See you tomorrow at F.A.C! I'll tell you how orientation went then!