Friday, July 25, 2008

Second Hardest Parenting Moment

Praise God no one else is sick yet...with strep--which is what he has.  My pediatrician said yesterday that he had "stuff" on his tonsils but the strep test was negative.  After the night we had, I called first thing this morning and had a come to Jesus meeting with the nurse over the phone.  Something like, "If we can't get medicine soon I'm bringing him there and you can keep him..." and bless her heart...she is new there but she's a jewel.  She didn't respond with the cattiness (is that a word?) that I exhibited.  About ten minutes later the doctor called me herself. I LOVE HER.  Yes, I drive forty-five minutes to her office, clear across Dallas because I LOVE HER. She told me what to look for in his throat and I described it to her so we wouldn't have to come in.  Red stuff, white stuff, swollen stuff. "Pretty sure it's got an "ITIS" on the end," I said. My family Dr. used to say we only came to him as a second opinion because my mom could diagnose us at home with her Mayo Clinic book. (!) She called in an antibiotic and something to numb his throat so he will drink. No wet diapers yesterday so I was scared he was dehydrated. We'll conquer eating too, (a whole different animal.) I was so relieved when I picked up the medicine I teared up when the pharmacist came out to explain everything to me. That's how hard it has been for little man Ty. I'll update later. This has been my second hardest parenting moment(s). Both have happened when Sean is on a trip. Those of you whose husbands travel will all agree-this always happens! The hardest parenting moment was...well...another post altogether. Thanks for the well-wishes! 

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