Sunday, July 6, 2008

Gotta Love Advil

After being in Southlake with Sean's family on Friday we spent Saturday at home with my family working on projects.  My parents have a new neighbor who is a builder so they took his leftover wood and made blocks for Ty.  Dad cut the wood and Mom and I took turns sanding the pieces.  I don't know how builders do it because my arms shook yesterday hours after finishing and today I'm sore in never-before-sore places.  Thank God we buy Advil in bulk. I've seen an infomercial for some contraption that shakes the fat off of you and I think all people need to do is get a power sander. You  can pick one up at Home Depot and it's probably cheaper than the "fat shaker" contraption. I'm sure it has a better name--Emmy (my sister,) has been renovating her condo and sands things all the time.  I don't know how she functions after doing that.  Anyway...We made blocks and Sean patched holes in the walls.  I am finally decorating Charlie's room so I worked on that while we had extra help with the kids. We ate ribs and homemade potato salad so our 4th of July celebratory eating lasted a full two days.  Yum...

My niece Allie had some good conversations with Charlie that day and my nephew Cole posed for me--I couldn't get anyone else to stop long enough to smile for the camera.

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Emmy said...

Uhhh... did Ty build the block tower in the picture?