Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fingers are Crossed

We're all back home now. The goal of leaving was to keep baby girl well and when she started running a fever we punted and came home.  Today she is drooling and chewing on everything. Hmmm.  Maybe we've beaten the virus and only have to surrender to teething. Fingers are crossed.

Since I'm back at my computer I thought I'd give a glimpse into our house last week.  The only time big boy would drink was when he wasn't thinking about it so we followed him around with at least three choices everywhere he went.  In the other pic Ty is watching my Dad play his violin.  See how pitiful he looks? Praise God it is over and he feels almost normal now. 

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Carley said...

yea! i hope she is only teething and ty is better. poor guy. i'm glad you are home and getting back to normal. i've missed you guys.