Sunday, July 31, 2011

When his Daddy comes home

Every time Sean gets home from work I'm so happy. When I hear the garage door opening I'm always relieved. He is home where he belongs. Even though I'm always, (well...usually...) the first to hug him Ty is always next in line. The boy loves his daddy.

So much so lately that I wonder how he's gonna do as he gets older. Will he ever lose that giddiness? I sure hope not. When Sean comes in he usually unpacks right away and since Ty was about 16 months old he has always helped him. It's a fun thing to watch. Over time he has learned what everything is called and where it all goes. He always puts on Daddy's ID tag, his hat, and his shoes. Then he prances around and tells us that he's daddy. This week was especially sweet because while I was bathing the girls in the other room apparently this happened:

After the suitcase was empty Ty crawled into it and said, "Let's try this Dad. You can take me to work next time. I fit right here."

Lordy I love my boys.

Does Ty look 12 in this picture or is it just me?

Ok I'm done.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Flashback Friday

This looks really good right now.

Yeah lots of snow would be fine with me.

The End. Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Today at 2,3, and 4

Nattie made new shirts for the kids using her super fancy skills.


I'm how old?

Oh, 3! But I'll be four in November y'all know that? I want to have a big big pink party!! (direct quote)

Ty doesn't get a shirt with tulle on it. Sean is grateful.

The poses didn't go well today. When we go to Waxahachie the next time we are gonna line them up on Dad's truck again for their real 2,3 4 picture.

Nothing like stretching in Northpark.

Thankfully no one was there at 10:01 when we got there.

And now a flashback

Man how they've changed

Oh my they've grown. I'm so grateful we are all still in one piece. Seriously that's what I think when I see these pictures. God is gracious!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

WIWW-red shoe edition

Go over to visit The Pleated Poppy blog for the story behind WIWW.

My red shoes have set the bar high for any future shoe purchase. They are as comfy as can be and much more fun than my tan flip flops that I tend to wear every day when it's this hot.

Ruche used to have them and today when I looked they were not on the website so I'd suggest looking up the shoes by brand/name and find another place that sells them. The brand is Chelsea Crew and they are called 'Jiminy.' Or watch for them on the Ruche website-they have a 'Back in Stock' tab and you can always look there for things that have previously sold out.

They have these shoes in green too. Swoon. See Ty at my feet. He was telling me to move but because he said it just like that, "Move Mom..." I told him he needed to ask nicely and it gave me an extra five seconds to get the picture taken. He said, "Please move over Mom," and I did as soon as I took the picture. I am parenting at it's best. Laziest and best I tell you.

Dress: Forever 21 sale rack- $5.99. One side of the ribbon tie belt was missing and the neck seam needed mending so a total of three minutes of sewing and it was ready to wear. I added a slip for length since I'm not 21 anymore. Not that I could have ever worn a short skirt and looked presentable. Ask my mother.

Denim jumper: Forever 21 last summer. This is a date night outfit. Woohoo that means we went on a date this day.

Purse: gift

Does Max always lay right there, you ask?

Yes he does. When I'm getting ready in the morning he lays right there until I turn off the bathroom light signaling I'm ready. It's weird. Or maybe it's totally normal dog behavior I just can't tell anymore.

Shirt: Nordstrom last winter
Shorts: Gap outlet

Ah the pregnant dress.

Dress: Ruche
Shoes: I think brown flip flips from AE when I was in college.

The pregnant dress story: about a month ago while in line to check out at Dollar Tree a sweet, (well-meaning) lady turned around and asked Charlie if she was excited to have a brother or sister on the way. Now y'all know Charlie...she said, "Oh yes I am!! It's a girl her name is Joy!"

The lady was so sweet y'all, and so old that I just couldn't correct her. She would have died right there on the spot if I'd told her she just ruined my self image. Ha! No really I wasn't offended. I just ate fewer mini nutter butters that day. She left the store probably praying for my unborn baby and feeling joyful. If I'd told her that I HAD the baby two years ago she would have been embarrassed and mortified. See, I made the better choice.

Anyway, so now that's the pregnant dress.

You're welcome.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The weekend and questions

This weekend flew by and I'm not sure that we did any more than normal but it feels like we did. I think this heat makes walking around outside feel like exercise. So just living wears me out. That's my excuse for being out of breath after going up the stairs.

Anyway, here are a few pictures from the weekend.

I finally conquered a fear I've had for two years: taking my kids by myself to the rec center in town. There are so many fun reasons to go there but the thought of the three of them going different directions scared me. I'm sure that's a rational fear, (as opposed to my irrational ones...) but I've taken the big kids enough to be able to trust them to stay where I tell them to stay. Joy usually stays home with Sean when I take the other kids but that limits us to only going when he's home. Also known as times when activities aren't scarce anyway because the head entertainer is home. So anyway I took the kids last Thursday night. College students count Thursday as the start to the weekend so I am too.

I'm happy to report that I made it home with all three kids. And the bonus, (getting home with them all was my only goal,) was that they all loved it and it wasn't scary at all. Turns out Joy doesn't LOVE it there so she stays close to me. And big sister wants to be by Joy so really I only had to watch Ty and he's the most reliable as far as obeying my boundaries/rules. This wasn't always the case but I've told him that I won't bring him to swim there if he doesn't obey. Suddenly he's as pure as a child can be. Imagine that.

Our princess supply has been growing in size so now we have almost every room in the house outfitted for princess play. Poor Ty has lost his main playmate-Charlie-to the other little girl in the house. Poor Ty. He needs another boy to play with.

Don't even go there.

Aw look at the boys playing the piano together. Today we had another open house, (I forget how many we have had honestly but it's on the other side of ten for sure,) so we went to Sean's parents house for the afternoon. During church I invited Carley and Cody to come too since her hubby wasn't here for the day and they rode in the car with us. My kids love having a friend in the car! They like to point things out like, "Hey did you know this is my car seat? isn't that neat?"

Yes, team honey Carley and Cody didn't know that. Thank you for sharing!

Meet my new build-everything-outfit-wise-around-them favorite things:

Hello. Posting pics of these Wednesday.

Now on to a different topic: Questions

I've kept emails and comments for a while now and thought I'd answer some of the repeat questions y'all have. I composed a list along with my answers, saved it, and tried to find it tonight to post then discovered that when I saved it I actually um, didn't. I don't know what happened but I know that it's not ground breaking news or anything. This is an invitation, though, to leave me a question and I'll answer it for you. If it's too personal and/or not fitting to share here but you still want to ask it just email me at and I'll answer you that way. You could ask via email and I'll share your question anonymously and give my answer here. That's another option.

Some of the questions I am asked most are:

How much money do you make from advertising on your blog?

What is What I Wore Wednesday and why waste time worrying about you wear?

What pushed you to share your story about anxiety? What medication are you taking?

What did you do before you stayed home with the kids? Are you going back to it?

What denomination are you?

And my most asked question: How is Ty doing?

I'm so happy to share the answers to all of these and I'm working to compose another answer post. Just add one to my list if you want to and I'll answer it!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Flashback Friday

Big sister edition

The Fall after Joy was born I took Charlie to the park and it was just the two of us. Even at that age she loved spending one on one time with me. She'd let us know when she needed more attention by whining to me even when nothing was wrong, (she still does this,) and I figured out that I needed to spend alone time with her. Now she will whine and I'll ask her is something really wrong or do you just need me to be with you and she knows the difference. She is so easy that way.

Feeding her baby. Also known as MY BABY.

I took her to the Ft Worth zoo by herself and the whole time she told me how much her sister would love it there.

Sharing a ride

Now that's what I'm talking about. I want to enlarge this picture one day to show her how much she helped mommy when Joy was a baby.

Charlie has asked me if we can have another baby and I've told her no but she can have a puppy one day. A long long time from now of course. I'm not crazy.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

SeaLife Aquarium

My bible study has play dates over the summer and we went to the SeaLife aquarium in Grapevine on Tuesday. I took some crummy blurry pictures.

You're welcome.

The kids really enjoyed it and grasped about 1/100th of what it all meant and what it had to offer. We will be going back with their Daddy hopefully soon.

Emmy went with us God bless her. I would've lost Joy without her.

The fish were being fed in one of the exhibits and my kids loudly exclaimed, "Look mom he's got a cheerio for breakfast! No it's a doughnut! Mom he has a doughnut! Isn't that great?!!!!"

I'm so proud.

Say 'cheese' girls

"No I not say cheese!"

Pink lights=happy Charlie

Sting rays are now called, "Pancake fishies" in our house.



Don't remember

And... she's done. Blankie came out, thumb went in, and stick a fork in her. She's done.

After the girls napped at home Emmy made the kids their own aquarium to house the fish we got from the gift shop.

I was amazed at how long they played with this.

Future SeaLife employees

I don't even think to do stuff like this. What does that mean about me? Or does it mean that Emmy realized her calling as a teacher?


Or maybe I was just worn out from all of the high quality photography work.

Good night y'all.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ty's best day ever

This is what we did during the showing today

We followed the trash truck all around the neighborhood.

I guarantee this is Ty's favorite thing we have done this summer.

The End.


Lazy edition. I got dressed more than twice this week but never took pictures.

Dress: JCrew outlet in FL
Cardigan: Target
Shoes: Resort from TJMaxx (gift from my mother-in-law)

Shoes: Miz Mooz that I found in a bag in my closet. I bought them at Nordstrom with Christmas money about four years ago and then couldn't decide if I liked them once Charlie was born. I thought about selling them at Restyle, (I think I even tried) but I'm so glad I still have them. Now that I am able to wear something besides running shoes or flip flops these are my kind of shoes. Ladylike, pretty, and comfortable...I'm crazy about them. I can run in them to catch a kid so they're here to stay.

Y'all forgive me for my lack of posting. Sean has worked a few back-to-back trips and after the kids go to bed I am just too pooped to look through my phone pictures and form sentences.

That may be the worst excuse I've ever given you. I'll be back soon to tell you all about what we've been doing. It's gotten interesting since we are averaging one showing per day. Good news, yes. Contract yet? Nope. Praying for a July miracle :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rhea Lana's Back-To-School Sale

After a year of wondering what this buzzed-about sale is about I finally know and wanted to share the details with you.

Rhea Lana's Back-to-School/Fall and Winter Event is quickly approaching to start it's 3rd year in Frisco...
August 10-13 at the Preston Village Shopping Center (Southeast corner of Hwy 121 and Preston Road behind Chick-fil-A and next to the PGA Superstore)! Our Private PreSale for Volunteers, Consignors, Moms-to-Be (Print a Pass on-line at and guests is Tuesday, August 9.

Turn your
CLUTTER into CASH by CONSIGNING with Rhea Lana's. Consignors make 70-80% of their total sales, can check sales on-line throughout the week, and receive their check the day after the sale at consignor pick-up. Register at today; all the steps to the easy process are detailed on-line.

Shopping with Rhea Lana's can't be beat...find everything your kiddos need all under one roof and for a huge bargain! Admission is free...always! :) Don't miss
HALF-PRICE days on Friday and Saturday, August 12-13 for even better deals!

One more opportunity with Rhea Lana's is VOLUNTEERING! Our volunteers have first dibs on all the best items because they shop first!

Details on all the "in's and out's" of Rhea Lana's can be found at OR like us on Facebook at Rhea Lana's of Frisco.

Great right?

You're welcome!