Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Lazy edition. I got dressed more than twice this week but never took pictures.

Dress: JCrew outlet in FL
Cardigan: Target
Shoes: Resort from TJMaxx (gift from my mother-in-law)

Shoes: Miz Mooz that I found in a bag in my closet. I bought them at Nordstrom with Christmas money about four years ago and then couldn't decide if I liked them once Charlie was born. I thought about selling them at Restyle, (I think I even tried) but I'm so glad I still have them. Now that I am able to wear something besides running shoes or flip flops these are my kind of shoes. Ladylike, pretty, and comfortable...I'm crazy about them. I can run in them to catch a kid so they're here to stay.

Y'all forgive me for my lack of posting. Sean has worked a few back-to-back trips and after the kids go to bed I am just too pooped to look through my phone pictures and form sentences.

That may be the worst excuse I've ever given you. I'll be back soon to tell you all about what we've been doing. It's gotten interesting since we are averaging one showing per day. Good news, yes. Contract yet? Nope. Praying for a July miracle :)

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