Tuesday, July 26, 2011

WIWW-red shoe edition

Go over to visit The Pleated Poppy blog for the story behind WIWW.

My red shoes have set the bar high for any future shoe purchase. They are as comfy as can be and much more fun than my tan flip flops that I tend to wear every day when it's this hot.

Ruche used to have them and today when I looked they were not on the website so I'd suggest looking up the shoes by brand/name and find another place that sells them. The brand is Chelsea Crew and they are called 'Jiminy.' Or watch for them on the Ruche website-they have a 'Back in Stock' tab and you can always look there for things that have previously sold out.

They have these shoes in green too. Swoon. See Ty at my feet. He was telling me to move but because he said it just like that, "Move Mom..." I told him he needed to ask nicely and it gave me an extra five seconds to get the picture taken. He said, "Please move over Mom," and I did as soon as I took the picture. I am parenting at it's best. Laziest and best I tell you.

Dress: Forever 21 sale rack- $5.99. One side of the ribbon tie belt was missing and the neck seam needed mending so a total of three minutes of sewing and it was ready to wear. I added a slip for length since I'm not 21 anymore. Not that I could have ever worn a short skirt and looked presentable. Ask my mother.

Denim jumper: Forever 21 last summer. This is a date night outfit. Woohoo that means we went on a date this day.

Purse: gift

Does Max always lay right there, you ask?

Yes he does. When I'm getting ready in the morning he lays right there until I turn off the bathroom light signaling I'm ready. It's weird. Or maybe it's totally normal dog behavior I just can't tell anymore.

Shirt: Nordstrom last winter
Shorts: Gap outlet

Ah the pregnant dress.

Dress: Ruche
Shoes: I think brown flip flips from AE when I was in college.

The pregnant dress story: about a month ago while in line to check out at Dollar Tree a sweet, (well-meaning) lady turned around and asked Charlie if she was excited to have a brother or sister on the way. Now y'all know Charlie...she said, "Oh yes I am!! It's a girl her name is Joy!"

The lady was so sweet y'all, and so old that I just couldn't correct her. She would have died right there on the spot if I'd told her she just ruined my self image. Ha! No really I wasn't offended. I just ate fewer mini nutter butters that day. She left the store probably praying for my unborn baby and feeling joyful. If I'd told her that I HAD the baby two years ago she would have been embarrassed and mortified. See, I made the better choice.

Anyway, so now that's the pregnant dress.

You're welcome.


Unknown said...

I love red shoes, I think I have three pairs!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness! What a funny story. I just bought a maxi dress from Target and it's actually maternity. Don't tell anyone. I swear it doesn't look maternity. ;-)

I LOVE your shoes.

Anonymous said...

Are these the same shoes that Lizzy had on her blog? I LOVE them, and the outfits you put together are perfect! Well done Mama!

Nicky said...

you had me at "red shoe edition"... Super cute.. love all your looks.


April said...

can i shop in you closet please? your clothes re so feminine and fun!