Monday, July 11, 2011

Making lemonade or tablecloths or something

There are days that I don't think about how lucky I am.

Days that I forget to say, "Oh my word look at this life I'm living right now, getting to play with my kids."

Sometimes I look at them like, "Do What?" instead of saying, "Sure, panties on the outside are fine and sure we can wear that to church."

There are days that I get impatient with my kids. Did I say that out loud? My secret is out.

Y'all don't tell anybody okay?

There are days when I go to bed in tears and ask God to send Jesus back overnight so we can just all go to Heaven. Days when I feel trapped and helpless, and frustrated with circumstances.

I'm sure you have days like that too. Maybe your issue is different from mine. Maybe its much more serious than mine. As you well know due to my oversharing, (not a word but should be,) my issue right now is that we need to sell our house. We needed to a year ago financially. We needed to six months ago emotionally. But here we sit. God knows we are here and He knows we are frustrated. Why act like we are not on days when we're well...frustrated. God knows my heart so I figure why not tell it like it is.


There are days when I give in to the frustration and cry. And I retreat from my friends and eat cheetos for breakfast and popsicles for lunch. I'm not the type to ever skip a meal :)

But then there are days when I do better. I ask for help throughout the day and try my best to count my blessings and keep things in perspective. Days when I decide to make the best of the situation and stop complaining. Those are my good days. The 'take lemons and make lemonade' days.

I've discovered that trying to make something helps me calm down. A few days ago I pulled my sewing machine out of it's hiding place. I struck out to copy something I saw on Etsy that I liked.

I worked during nap time so only Ty tried to help me instead of all three kids pulling on the material. It's safer to only worry about one helper. I know this to be true.

I sewed for a total of probably 20 minutes.

Cutting the fabric took about 20 more.

I taught myself how to pleat fabric and I didn't do it very well.

But I finished.

And now I have a reminder of what I can do with some nervous energy. It's instant gratification during a season of waiting. The best part is the price: the whole project cost $8.00. PSA-burlap on sale at JoAnn's this week!

If you see lots of unnecessary items popping up around here you'll know that it's been a rough patch. The bonus is that when we actually move I'll have plenty of new decorations/useless things to work with. Sean is THRILLED.

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We Three Smiths + 1 said...

Wish I could reach through the computer and hug you right now. I can't...but on the upside...that tablecloth is Totally Cute!!! Praying that the rough patch turns smooth really fast :)