Thursday, July 21, 2011

SeaLife Aquarium

My bible study has play dates over the summer and we went to the SeaLife aquarium in Grapevine on Tuesday. I took some crummy blurry pictures.

You're welcome.

The kids really enjoyed it and grasped about 1/100th of what it all meant and what it had to offer. We will be going back with their Daddy hopefully soon.

Emmy went with us God bless her. I would've lost Joy without her.

The fish were being fed in one of the exhibits and my kids loudly exclaimed, "Look mom he's got a cheerio for breakfast! No it's a doughnut! Mom he has a doughnut! Isn't that great?!!!!"

I'm so proud.

Say 'cheese' girls

"No I not say cheese!"

Pink lights=happy Charlie

Sting rays are now called, "Pancake fishies" in our house.



Don't remember

And... she's done. Blankie came out, thumb went in, and stick a fork in her. She's done.

After the girls napped at home Emmy made the kids their own aquarium to house the fish we got from the gift shop.

I was amazed at how long they played with this.

Future SeaLife employees

I don't even think to do stuff like this. What does that mean about me? Or does it mean that Emmy realized her calling as a teacher?


Or maybe I was just worn out from all of the high quality photography work.

Good night y'all.


Julie said...

I love it! I don't think of that stuff either! So nice to meet Emmy! I'm going to 'make' the fish sand box too...thanks for the idea!

Mary said...

I know Jules isn't that sad for us? Why don't we think of such things? We are good mothers! Ha