Sunday, July 31, 2011

When his Daddy comes home

Every time Sean gets home from work I'm so happy. When I hear the garage door opening I'm always relieved. He is home where he belongs. Even though I'm always, (well...usually...) the first to hug him Ty is always next in line. The boy loves his daddy.

So much so lately that I wonder how he's gonna do as he gets older. Will he ever lose that giddiness? I sure hope not. When Sean comes in he usually unpacks right away and since Ty was about 16 months old he has always helped him. It's a fun thing to watch. Over time he has learned what everything is called and where it all goes. He always puts on Daddy's ID tag, his hat, and his shoes. Then he prances around and tells us that he's daddy. This week was especially sweet because while I was bathing the girls in the other room apparently this happened:

After the suitcase was empty Ty crawled into it and said, "Let's try this Dad. You can take me to work next time. I fit right here."

Lordy I love my boys.

Does Ty look 12 in this picture or is it just me?

Ok I'm done.


Emmy said...

Yeah, he looks about 7 or 8. What a sweet story. He is already identifying himself as a boy (guy!) alongside his Dad. Exactly how it's supposed to go!

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

That is the sweetest thing I have EVER read!! Oh my word...