Thursday, July 7, 2011

A gift that keeps on giving

Mary Kay, well known for their makeup quality and customer service, sent me some makeup to try out. I told them I'd tell you about it and show you a before and after shot. I'm always up for a little makeup experiment!

Inside the box was this cute little bag. My girls fight over it now.

This is what they sent: a compact with three new shadow colors and a new blush color.

The eye shadows. One is blue. Yikes. I've never bought blue eye shadow and I can honestly say I wouldn't have bought it if I'd had the choice. My eyes are green (or hazel depending on the day/what I'm wearing. I thought blue was not an option. Well. Apparently it's totally an option.

The colors are all pretty as is but wait til you see them on actual eyes. They are deep and rich and the blue is a little shimmery. Blue shimmery eye shadow+me=now friends.

Inside the box was a how-to guide for bringing the best out in your eyes. One option for smaller eyes and another one for large eyes.

And so...the test

This is me this morning before I put makeup on. Yikes.

It's tough to get a close up picture of your own face I've learned.

I followed the instructions on the box that Mary Kay provided. I usually need help with new colors, (any colors of makeup really,) so I did the combination that they suggested for smaller eyes.

And here's the after picture. It's a little more than I'd wear every day but I like the result a lot. Sean was at the car wash with the kids when I put the makeup on and when he walked in the door he said, "Well you sure look nice today." I was still in my PJ's. That means the makeup is a winner.

I only have the eye shadows, eyeliner on the bottom of my eyes, and mascara on so don't judge the rest of my face. Mary Kay isn't responsible for the rest. Ha.


Monica and Whitney said...

They look great! I too would never think to buy blue eye shadow but it looks nice.


Emmy said...

Your eyes really do look GOOD. It helps to know that all you did was fix up your eyes, because you look good! I agree with Sean: "You look really nice today." :-)

Julie said...

You are beautiful w/ and w/o make-up!!!

Nori-Lyn Alford said...

I am a huge fan of blue eye shadow and Mary Kay has been my best-y for years! Does this make you a convert? And you looked fabulous!

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

It does look GOOD! I have green eyes, too. I also thought Blue wasn't an option. I would've never bought that compact...never, but now I'm thinking twice! Good post pretty girl!