Friday, July 29, 2011

Flashback Friday

This looks really good right now.

Yeah lots of snow would be fine with me.

The End. Happy Friday!


Nori-Lyn Alford said...

Oh my! That looks like pure perfection!

Emmy said...

I was out doing errands this afternoon, and had to walk up and down a HOT sidewalk to go to the stores I wanted to visit. I stayed in the shady part as long as I could and then skipped quickly to the next shady part to walk. Along the way, I passed a younger girl who was talking to herself: "Oh Lord, PLEASE take away this heat, Lord, Lord, Lord, please shield me from this heat, Lord, provide a shield, this is too much to take," ... (and on and so on as she was talking to herself). After I passed her, I turned back and yelled