Saturday, May 2, 2009

One Last Hurrah...At Least While Pregnant

Charlie loving the freedom that comes with walking. She found two plastic spoons and never put them down. We hope they came from someone with us--I think they did--and she never sat down that night.
April and Grace, her oldest. April is expecting her 4th (!!!) in July. April was one of the three people who hounded Sean to make a move many years ago.

Carley and Jason. Such a fun picture! Carley and I are constantly calling each other now reporting new ailments...we're down to the home stretch. It's still pretty amazing that I met Jason (I think,) seven years ago as one of his volunteers and now I talk to his wife at least twice a day on average. Pray for Carley--she's due May 14th and really wants to let things happen naturally but it's hard during these last few weeks to be patient. I'd be going crazy if I didn't know the date things were happening for me!
We always say, "What are the chances?" Four friends all pregnant at the same time. What ups and downs we have all shared over the last few years and what a blessing each of them has been to me. Carley (due May 14th,) me, April, (due in July,) and Jennie, or "Tibby," as Ty calls her, (due in October.)
This wasn't our car. It wasn't even anyone's in our party. Glad it didn't have a sensitive alarm since Ty played on it, crawled partially under it, and jumped up against it a few times while he was working on his rock collection.
My little man looking really sweet and excited about his little baby sister in momma's tummy. In reality Jason had just walked up and he's a little afraid of Jason at first. We went through this with Jonathan too until Jonathan started counting for Ty from the first second they see each other...if Ty is ever afraid of you just count--bonus if you can count in Spanish--and he gets over whatever he was worried about.
I love this little boy! David is extremely photogenic and likes Sean enough to pose for him pretty regularly.
Can you tell how uncomfortable we are?? Not that I haven't mentioned it about 200 times here, but Carley and I are both uncomfortable these days.
Few things make Ty happier than the ice cream. Vanilla like his momma thankyouverymuch. No chocolate for us!

Sean and Ty are on their way to Home Depot for the kids program thing they do--I've mentioned it before but the first weekend of every month they offer a FREE program for kids where they learn to build things. Something different every month and Ty loves going. His little apron is so rippin' cute. Gotta help them get going then Sean and I are heading out for an afternoon date. Enjoy your Saturday!


We Three Smiths + 1 said...

Yummy pictures! You look so cute! Seriously, I know you probably don't feel cute, but you just look adorable!

Yippee for Vanilla Ice Cream...we love it, too!

PS...At least Ty just hugs you when he is scared...Ryder has started covering his is the strangest thing, but if a stranger looks in his direction or much less speaks to him those ears get covered!

Only a few more days...hang in there!

Carley said...

Fun times! No too long and we'll have the babies at Double Dip with us! :) Cute pics. I've looked at them a couple times on Sean's website and wondered about getting a couple. Not too much longer now....

Miss Mommy said...

Is that TWO trips to Double Dip or just pics from the same trip on separate posts??? I am very jealous. I also love vanilla and not chocolate... ;) Praying for you.