Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Liked Grasshoppers Before They Were Cool

Maybe my brain is still foggy but I think this is hilarious. I did what any self-respecting mother of two 1/2 would do and came to my parents house when we all got the virus. Since Sean had it worse than I did it made sense to leave him home so he could rest and make it to work. He did thank the Lord because we're anticipating him being home once Joy makes her appearance.

Yesterday I traded jobs with my mom and worked at my dad's office and she tended to the kids. I was looking online at JCrew getting ideas for how to put things together this Spring/Summer--I have clothes I've barely worn in three years because I've worn maternity stuff--so I'm so excited to pull it all out. I always look at their jewelry too and I did a double-take when I stumbled upon this necklace.

To think I'm ahead of the fashion curve.


ConnieMomaLightner said...

I think this would make a great 30th birthday gift,I would be glad to mention it to the appropriate people for you!!

Carley said...

Too funny!

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

I was about to type "Too Funny!" and noticed that is what Carley had already said! LOL! I bet you can't wait to get regular people clothes back on! Makes you feel so good when you can slide those jeans back on! Hope you all are feeling better...stomach bugs are the WORST!!!

Emily said...

Pam and Jim to the rescue! Love it--and the necklace. Oh, Bargain Blitz is a HUGE garage sale, FUN! And thanks for the hair compliment. My sis-in-law does it for me she has a salon in Dallas, you should try her she's great, if you need a new look:) I have her salon link on blog (right hand side)!

Jenny Seymore said...

I couldn't help but laugh. I personally am still wearing most of my maternity clothes. Sad, but true. They really don't fit but are so super comfortable. I think I'm really just afraid that my old clothes won't fit!! HA!

You will have to let me know the next time you are working Jim's office so I can come see your pretty face since it's literally just across the street!