Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ty's First Date

Even though we are teaching him to be old-fashioned, his date picked him up but they did take HIS momma's car. 
Forgive me for the size of this picture--I need some tech support y'all. This is my sister, often referred to as Aunt Emmy. She took Ty to the museum a few Saturdays ago for his first visit. He is really proud of himself when he is around Emmy because she is a teacher and somehow he picks up on this and tries to impress her with his knowledge. It's a huge treat for him to spend time by himself with her and I've mentioned before she has taught him almost everything he knows--with the exception of the phrase, "MAX, BACK UP!" He learned that one from me. And he says it just like I do. Not exactly with a nice tone. Thanks Emmy for taking him out on his first date and using some of your precious time off to entertain him. It helps me so much!


Emily said...

Love it! I am sure Emmy is such a fun aunt.

Lisa said...

Hey Mary,

My OB in Dallas was Charles Brodsky and I delivered at Baylor in downtown Dallas...the best experience EVER. I would reccommend dr . b to anyone he is by far the BEST and he is always like one of the top ten obs in funny since I just picked him out of the yellow pages while in college and going to nursing school at Baylor. I really hope Joy will not need a cardiologist but if you ever need an opinion about a doctor just ask. One of our friend is also finishing his cardiology training at Houston Childrens so if you need that contact just let me know. I am so glad to hear Ty had a hot date:)

Emmy said...

Thanks for making me a blog rock-star! Looking forward to another hot date this week.

Carley said...

That's so cute!! Emmy is the greatest...Ty is so lucky to have one good looking aunt!