Saturday, March 7, 2009


Good to meet you, Dr. Rembecki. Not only did we learn from you that this one has asthma, she also still has reflux. And she needs not only reflux medicine but thickener for all of her liquids. Oh and she has a bad ear infection. What??? She had no fever, no fussiness, no sleep interruptions, no nothing. Mother of the Year once again. I think I'll have another child I am so good at this. Oh wait...I am soon. 
You told us there is a reason that she chokes on her food and often even on her drinks. You explained that there's a physical reason she probably did everything late! The light bulb is on, the prescriptions are being filled, and my little bean will be on the mend soon.
We are thrilled to add three additional breathing treatments per day for the next three weeks, (a total of five a day,) and I know I'll think of you when we are out of the house and have forgotten to bring the right meds. 
And since we have no idea what her asthma triggers are, we will now limit how much time we spend outside, which has been everyone's favorite activity for the last two weeks. Like this day when my nephew Henry, his momma Ana, and Nattie were visiting and the kids all played together for a few hours. I really appreciate your knowledge and help for my little girl, even though I sound a bit sarcastic. 


Oh y'all what a visit. I had no idea what was coming, a good thing probably. Yes there are few changes to be made but it's all going to help her so I'm not actually frustrated. 

Okay well a little.

But it's not the doctor's fault. He was kind, brilliant, and patient with my daughter. And his office is 4 minutes from our house. I timed it. Thank You Jesus because it looks like we'll be going there A LOT. 

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Michelle said...

In a few months, you will be so excited. The going outside thing does really stink, but you find other inside entertainment. Are you going in for a barium swallow? Those are always fun. We will keep praying for you guys!