Sunday, March 1, 2009

5 Things

Five things to tell you:

1. My quarter-rolling days are over. Today was my first day and I gave up halfway through our change stash...see, I've always used the CoinStar machine at the Albertsons by our house and they just closed last month. (gasp!) I asked Sean to get me some little paper things at the bank because I'd just start rolling the change myself. He laughed when I told him this but he got them for me anyway. I just called him to say I was done and he said he'd been timing me and wondering how many minutes it'd take for me to give up. My work ethic is questionable at this point. For kicks, I got on the internet and looked up where the next closest CoinStar machine is and it's even closer to the house than Albertsons. God is looking out for me.

2. One should never go to Walmart, Sam's, or Costco on a Sunday afternoon. One should definately not try all three in one day. You'll need medication afterward. Take my word for it. If I don't make sense in this post now you know why.

3. God loves a cheerful giver. I gave my sister-in-law Ana a pair of shoes that don't fit me anymore even though they are cute enough to force my now bigger foot into...but Ana still has a small foot and I gave them to her Thursday. That same afternoon, while shopping with her, I found a replacement pair for $3.97. 

4. I talk about bargains a lot. Someone I barely know who goes to our church told me this today. She said I mention how much everything costs on my blog. I'm not ashamed of that! If I can get a good deal on something it's my duty to share! For example, Old Navy had/I think is still having a HUGE sale on t-shirts. A girl can't have too many t-shirts, especially facing a Spring/Summer carrying a little person against my chest. Cute colors, all sizes. Online and in stores. Check it out.

5. My big girl Charlie no longer needs bottles, has taught herself (finally) to drink from a sippy cup, and is almost walking. Praise to the Lord on High because my back is on its last leg and I still have a few weeks to go being pregnant. The more weeks the better but I can only imagine how uncomfortable it will be as time goes on lugging my 30 lb. daughter up and down the stairs! Stairs are our next goal. 

Happy Sunday!


Anonymous said...

For the record...bargain talk is fantastic and always blog-worthy. And, a big "yay!" for Charlie! We've got the going up the stairs thing down, but not down... I'm surprised Trevor and I didn't wind up tangled and mangled at the bottom of the stairs while I was preggo. And now, I'm too scared to carry them both downstairs at once... which is fine I guess. It's not like an extra trip up and down the stairs isn't going to do me any good, right?!

Jenny Seymore said...

Way to go on all of your finds! However, I don't think even not pregnant you should brave those 3 stores in one outing! I love Old Navy!! How is Ana? I haven't seen her in ages either.

ginger said...

Our Albertson's just closed too. Bummer. But Walmart has a CoinStar here.
I came by after reading your comment on Marla's blog about God 'flicking' us on the head. I think that word-picture is priceless! Made me laugh & I had to see who wrote it.
Have a great day!

Rhonda said...

Thanks for posting on my blog a few weeksback w/ the advice on how to get baby Thomas to sleep throug the night. I am happy to report..HE NOW SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!! What a cute family you have!