Friday, February 27, 2009

Joy Stable Kathryn Wilborn

No she is not here yet! Good news today--not only is the tumor/fluid situation stable, I only have to go once a week from now on, (pending things stay the same). I can't tell you how big a difference this makes--I'm trying not to wear my mom and Sean's mom out--hello I'll need them once she is here--so we've been getting people to come watch the kids during the appointments. Did I mention kids aren't allowed at the perinatologists' office? I'm not sure I get that but there has to be a great reason. Scheduling, paying, teaching, paying, programming, paying babysitters will be much less frequent because if things go according to the new plan I will be able to schedule all appts. on Mondays and Tuesdays while Sean is home. Praise! 

I have officially graduated from the intrauterine surgery! After 28 weeks they don't do it because the survival rate is high enough to deliver her and it doesn't involve putting me at risk the way the surgery would. So there is the latest update--good news all around!

Want to know where Joy's name came from? Well I'm gonna tell you.

Joy--I'm not sure if I've really told her to what extent, but Joy is named mostly in honor of my Mom. For two reasons: Joy was my mom's uncle who had a life filled with reverence and passion for the Lord. He was a very kind constant in my mom's life, as she lost her daddy when she was 7 years old. The other reason is that in the last few years, joy has become her favorite word. We've made fun of how many trinkets and signs she has all over the place with the word on it and she always says, "Well I have true joy and it's changed my life." And we can all tell. It really has. My parents are so happy and full of joy--It is refreshing. True joy really is, isn't it? Joy that God can give you and in the midst of everything else you have the constant reminder of all of the good that He is. I also just really like the name Joy. I picture her getting into trouble and going, "Why did you have to name me something that has to mean I'll be happy all the time!" and I'll say, "Because I need you to be happy all the time. Stop complaining." Ha!

Stable--Do I really need to explain? Read a few prior posts. No I'm really not officially naming her this.

Kathryn--My middle name.  Also my maternal grandmother's middle name. We called her "Gee," but her name was Patricia Kathryn. I was always Mary Kathryn growing up and most people from my hometown still call me that. I got a few Saturday Night Live comments in High School but I always really liked my name. 

Wilborn--Well that's our last name. It's not rocket science. 


Emily said...

I am so thrilled about your bit of good news. What a relief. I was watching a babies 911 show the other night and watched a interuterine surgery and thought of you the whole time. What a blessing you won't have to endure that!! I LOVE the name. Joy is such a precious name...and you will always be Mary Kathryn to me:)

Jenny Seymore said...

I second Emily on all counts. Mary Kathryn it is and will always be! I'm so incredibly happy for you with your new news of Joys stabilization. It fills my heart to see the Lord's Miracles at work!

La Familia Garcia said...

You look great! I love her name! We're at 22 weeks and know we're having a boy and having a hard time with a name! (We had a girls name agreed on of course!)

Brooke & Freeland said...

Oh I loved reading about the names. Of course we assumed what all of them were for! But I loved reading them. Freeland and I were also talking about how many people in Joy's family will probably end up naming their kids after him. Which is pretty incredible to think about! Oh and Freeland still calls you Mary Kathryn. :)