Thursday, February 19, 2009

One Last Warning

On Tuesday when I talked to my OB's office about taking the steroid shots that I get today and tomorrow to help mature Joy's lungs, the nurse said, "One last warning, try to get a good nights' sleep during those two days. Since we found out it might make your blood sugar spike it will only help if you are well rested." Sure, I can control how I sleep now that I am carrying a very mobile watermelon in my stomach. Oh and have two toddlers and a husband who travels four days a week. I actually said most of this to her, both of us laughing. I've told you before how I love her. She's a peach. Or a gem. 

Speaking of gems, I'm liking this background more than others...what do you think? I totally copied Heather, momma of Dynamite and Tater Tot, because she fancied up her blog and changed from this background. I met Heather at my friend Amy's wedding last summer when I overheard her talking to a mutual friend about being newly pregnant with a 6 month-old at home. GASP! I've done that. We instantly had a bond. After talking a little, we remembered that we actually met in the nursing mother's room at church, a sacred place to swap horror stories about those first few weeks. I went there long after I weaned Charlie to vent to other moms and poor Carley has spent many a church service there talking to me while I nursed my kids. Heather's first baby, Trevor, was a strapping lad like my kids--even a little bigger if I remember correctly, and her new princess, Tatum, is just precious. Go look at the two of them together on her blog. Cute Cute Cute.

See how I butter Heather up since I stole her background? 

Ha! Heather introduced me to a website called Baby Bunching, which I added on my sidebar under...wait for it...WEBSITES. I'm so tricky.

Back to my "good night's sleep." I didn't get one last night because both of my cherubs were awake during different parts of the night coughing/gagging/screaming. I was sure that we'd be headed to the pediatrician this morning. It HAS been a few weeks since we were there so I'm missing Dr. Fowers. I love her as much as Justine, the nurse. Anyway, want to hear how very sick my kids are this morning? Not at all. Maybe a slight cold on both fronts but nothing like it sounded last night. Motherhood is great isn't it? You aren't sure sometimes whether to hold them or search them for hidden cameras from the producers of PUNK'D.

In the words of my wise friend Brandi a few weeks after her own little girl was born, "Are you kidding me?" She said those words pretty much summed up being a momma. So far I can attest to that being a thought that goes through my head on average three times a week. 

But then, after they calm down and lay their head on your shoulder and wrap their arms around your neck because they can't reach around your back in your current watermelon-carrying state, you remember that God gave you the most precious of jobs. And you're thankful it's you who can comfort them and teach them that it's okay to need your momma. I sure need mine. 

She's coming today to help me since no one knows what the steroids will do in combination with the diabetes. I've got a good sized baggie (read last post,) full of remedies but just in case I'm incoherent either from last night's events or the shots she will take over. If I respond okay we'll all just have a party with Nattie. I just told Ty she was coming and now he's running laps around the house. You think he's excited?


Anonymous said...

Mary, flattery will get you everywhere! I like your background (obviously). I'll be thinking of you today and will pray that you respond well to the steroids (that includes NOT growing a beard) lol.

Anonymous said...

ps. you inspired me to makeover my needed some color!

Priscilla said...

Hi Mary, I really like the new background. The hot pink one was so hard to read...may just my over 50 eyes? Well, this is better. I also love your Musings on Motherhood! Great blog! Still praying. Gotta see you sometime. Had a nice catch up with Jamie last night at Heather's place. Love you!!

Jamie said...

I LOVE that baby bunching website! I am sooo adding that to my website list. Thanks for the link!