Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things...

I'm bracing myself for the cuteness that is to come in the next few years. And also for the terror. The embarrassment, teacher conferences, and nursery boot-outs. It's all good being a parent, and whether I'm making fun of my inabilities or my kids' outbursts, I am loving it. I can't honestly say I've felt this way since day one--it is an answer to prayer and the result of God showing me the last few years and months the beauty of watching a little person grow. Some of my current favorites:

*After he hears clapping, in person or on a video he says, "Yay Ty."
*He can count to 20 and he just learned to count to 10 in Spanish.
*He says, "Bye Bye" when anyone comes in the door. Don't take it personally if he says it to you when you come visit. We thought at first it was a sign he wanted the person to leave but he thinks "Hi" is "Bye." At least that's what we're telling you! :)
*He says, "Mmmm," after every bite and after a sip of drink he smiles and says, "Ahhhhh."
I've been told by his Daddy that I do this after every drink too but I think he's making it up.
*He jumps in his crib for at least 10 minutes before he goes to sleep. The boy loves his bed. If he's still in a crib when he is 5 I won't care as long as he sleeps as much as he does now in it.
*He finds letters everywhere we go and yells them until we acknowledge his find.
*He still runs to find me when he wakes up from his nap or in the morning. However, when Sean is on a trip and I am the one who gets him, he looks past me for his Daddy like, "Are YOU IT?"
*When he is due a spanking and he is told so, he slaps his hands together and says, "Bye Bye" to whoever is about to spank him. Like that's his way of talking his way out of it.
*He makes up songs and plays them on his little keyboards. He says every word he knows in the songs and also counts the keys as he's winding down...His big finish is always, "Yay Ty!"
*He is sharing more and more with "Cauggy," as he calls her. You can guess what he says when he obeys. "Yay Ty."

*Is cruising!! From nothing to crawling, eating, and cruising in a month! Go little girl!
*Says Dadda, Bye Bye, Yay, (wonder where she heard that,) Momma, Popeye, Ty, and Hi.
*When you walk into her room and turn her fan on, she instantly throws her arms around your neck and lays her head on your shoulder. Then she pats your back. It is my favorite thing.
*Immediately following the last one, she cries like her heart is broken you're putting her down. Every time. She is over a year old and still cries when she goes to sleep. Not my favorite thing.
*She feeds herself almost anything and now only likes green beans and macaroni and cheese baby food. Saves a TON on monthly groceries. The girl eats a lot!
*She's still clueless about cups. Can't drink out of any sippy cup we've tried. She just holds them in her mouth and then you see her smile break through from behind it. This is our focus now because I have visions of her stealing Joy's bottles.
*She is not happy in a dirty diaper. The second she goes she starts whining wanting someone to change her. I've heard this will help with potty training. Let's hope so!
*She wants her brother to like her so much that she thinks it's funny when he yells, "Cauggy!!" when he is mad at her for stealing something. She BEAMS. He usually has good reason to be mad at her but we make him share and he can do it. He doesn't like it but he's plenty capable. You should see her face when he hands her something he's been playing with. TREASURE.
*She has caught up to her brother in diaper size. We have one more size to go before we're gonna have to buy adult diapers for my kids. Pray for success in potty training this Summer!
*She reaches for Sean when anyone else is holding her. Including me. Love that she loves her Daddy that much!


We Three Smiths + 1 said...

Mary...I am so glad you found me, and I you!! Your kids sound so precious! Ryder jumps in his crib like Ty and can not drink out of a sippy cup like Charlie! Sometimes it is so heartwarming to find someone whose children have similarities and makes me realize that I am probably not a horrible parent who continues to hold the spoon for my child and gives him "straw" cups rather than making him learn to use a regular cup! LOL! I am praying for your sweet baby girl and your entire family...

Miss Mommy said...

That made me grin. You and I are 2 peas in a pod. We're just getting the hang of it when we have another baby...praise the Lord, birth control is doing its job for me so far...fingers crossed. Anyway, Charlie is great encouragement to me b/c she is Luke!! Except he loves sleep like Ty. Maybe Luke will move one day.

Carley said...

I love your lists! You did a great job describing your kids....what a fun stage! :) You are wonderful momma!