Monday, February 23, 2009

Stable Is Our New Favorite Word

Looks good once again. I sent Sean and Mom a text right away when she said "stable," and Mom wrote back, "That is our favorite word now. Maybe we should name her Stable instead of Joy." Direct quote. I guess she could have two middle names :)

At the end of the week will be another sonogram and she said today that if all is okay then we will push it to once a week. Wouldn't that be nice?! This afternoon I see my OB and tomorrow Sean and I will go meet the pediatric surgeon that will remove the tumor if needed when she is born. That is my final appointment until Friday. I'm not sure what to do with myself with all of this extra time. 

Yes I do. I'm gonna go walk around the mall, get a Route 44 Diet Dr. Pepper, and say thank you to my husband who will gladly play with the kids all day to give me a break. Then have an uneventful OB appointment and come back home. Happy Day!


Anonymous said...

For grins, I did a baby name search for the meaning "stable or stability"...only one name popped up... "Anchor". Seriously? Who would name their child "Anchor?" lol... looks like "Joy" is still your best option ;-) I'm glad to hear things are good!

Carley said...

Love the new blog! We are home and I'm finally catching up. I'll still call you tonight but wanted to leave a comment. Loved getting the stable again text when we got off the plane. Wanna meet for lunch tomorrow since Sean is home? We'll chat tonight! Oh...and there's nothing wrong with 2 middle names. Ha!