Thursday, February 12, 2009

Joy Update

Things are stable. There is a little more fluid around her lung but since that is the only place right now we are still ok. This afternoon since Sean was on a trip my parents both came to the appt. with me. We were all, (even the Dr.) thinking it might be time to go to Houston so they didn't want me to be by myself. We were all, (even the Dr.) relieved to see that things are not as bad as we imagined. We are all, (even the Dr.) grateful to God that we have had this many more days for her to grow--regardless of what happens from now on the farther along I am the better. I go back Monday to check again, and will keep going every 2-3 days until further notice. Sean will be home Monday so he will be able to go with me--bless his heart was halfway between Florida and NY today during the appointment time so as hard as it was to not have him there I know it was worse for him! He doesn't like to feel helpless. If you can imagine the feeling of helplessness we have all been feeling you can also imagine how much the Lord has stretched us :) 

Last night, while listening to a CD of hymns made for babies I cried for the first time. Not in my life but for the first time because of the last few weeks. I am trained to tell other people to grieve/feel what they are feeling because it is healthy and beneficial and yet I didn't realize I needed to do it myself. Until I heard those words that have given people comfort for hundreds of years and I recalled specific times when the hymns helped me with all kinds of things. Losing friends, my first real heartache, confusing times during college, the list goes on. He never failed me before and during this time of waiting and fear for my child, He has never felt far from me. I am so thankful.

I'll write more soon--for now I'm gonna unpack the bag...again :)


Emily said...

Just take it day by day...we are continuing to keep you and Joy in our prayers.

Lisa said...

Oh Mary...i pray for my strength and faith to grow as large as yours. You are doing such a great job. I just read that Houston Childrens is in the top 10 chidlrens hospital in the NATION...if you have to go I am sure you and Joy will be in wonderful hands.