Monday, February 16, 2009

We are stable!

Only had time to write the title a few details. I had three doctor appointments today--I left my house at 9:45 and just got home. First, I saw my OB for my now twice-monthly checkups. I went there then across the street to the specialist's office for the sonogram. Sean met me there, and he told me just before we started that he thought we were headed to Houston--the first time he has thought that the whole time! About 30 seconds into the sonogram Dr. Brown-Elliot said, "Stable!" We both couldn't believe it. I have thought/expected to have the surgery the whole time, so every time we hear that word it takes a minute to sink in. Then when it does, I am so relieved. I don't think I've slept well in about a week, even though my "I didn't sleep well," criteria is a far cry from most people's. If I wake up multiple times during the night and don't IMMEDIATELY go back to sleep I feel like I didn't sleep well. And if I get less than my usual 10-11 hours. Yes I'm serious.

I learned a ton today from my OB and from the specialist. First, both of them think that if I make it one more week, (28 weeks,) the Houston surgery will not be necessary. On record there haven't been more than a handful of the surgeries done on a fetus older than 28 weeks, because their survival rate outside the womb is quite high. One week??? Oh my that's just not real long. We have always felt more comfortable staying here, obviously for the logistics involved as well as me recovering from another abdominal surgery while trying to take care of the kids. I think in the back of my mind I've planned it out thinking through who would cover what shifts, etc...and to let go of some of that seems HUGE. I might go to sleep tonight and wake up Wednesday. That would be okay since Sean is home :) 

The next step is that on Thursday I will get the first of two steroid shots to help develop Joy's lungs. That way if she does come out early we have done as much as possible to help her survive and thrive so her body can handle surgery to remove the tumor. I'll go again Friday and finish the process. Today when the doctor told me about this step Sean asked her jokingly, "Is Mary going to grow a beard?" Ha ha. My funny husband. She knew he was kidding. She has quite a sense of humor. We told her today that after spending 6 stressful weeks in her office we're thankful that she is very funny and calming with us which I know is not a job requirement for her!

I also went to the endocrinologist's office for my monthly appointment, and I confessed that I hadn't been checking my blood sugar as many times per day as I'm supposed to (6 X) because of the uncertainty of the last few a small lecture--not like I was expecting--and I vowed to do better from now on. Thankfully when I have checked it it has been well within normal range, another relief. Dealing with the insulin shots and finger pricks just don't seem like that big a deal anymore so if it does creep up like it did with Ty and Charlie I feel more than capable of handling it. For those of you who knew to pray for the control of this part of the pregnancy, thank you! 

How deep the Father's love for us!! What a gift this process has been in unexpected ways. There have been people from all over who have contacted me to share their similar story and people from our church whose kids were born prematurely have found me and encouraged me that all will be okay. It reminds me of a quote that I have written in my Bible and I used to look at all the time while I was actually counseling...

"I walked a mile with happiness, she chatted all the way, 
but left me none the wiser with what she had to say.
I walked a mile with sorrow, and never a word said she, 
but oh the things I learned from her when sorrow walked with me."

We are not dealing with a tragedy that I know some of you have faced lately. I do not compare losing a loved one, a child or a parent, with what we are doing. It is a hard process but there is much to be thankful for. Please let me know if I can be returning the favor of praying for you and whatever process you are going through. It is the least I can do!


We Three Smiths + 1 said...

First of all, Yippeee!!! For the record, I am right there with ya on the sleep thing! That sounds just like me!

Mary, what a self-less and amazing person you are. This is a tough struggle, don't kid yourself. Being able to handle the uncertainty of every week while juggling two kiddos ages 2 and under is hard! Your faith and thankfulness for the people and blessing around you is so wonderful. You are in my prayers and I can't wait until Joy is here and healthy! Stay strong!

Jenny Seymore said...

MK, I hope that you never have any doubts that you and your precious family are in my constant thoughts and prayers. I agree that there are different circumstances that everyone out there goes through in different degrees, but this is the hand that you were dealt and you are dealing! Your feelings and emotions are no less significant than anyone else out there who has to go through something traumatic. I have been through my own hardships & battles during the last 8 weeks but even I can't begin to understand what you must go through day to day. You are an amazing person, my friend and our Father will see you through this...I can feel it!!

Brooke & Freeland said...

YAY!!!!! We are both so thankful to hear the news! And we will keep praying.. and having our friends pray too! I cannot wait until we can come back to Texas and meet little Joy! Youre one incredible woman!

Anonymous said...

You're an inspiration Mary, thank you for sharing your story and for giving me the privilege of praying for you! I'm with you on the sleep thing too... there is a Michael Buble song (others have also recorded it) called "Feelin' Good" (it's one of my favs)... Anyway, my favorite little line in it is "sleep in peace when day is done"... and that's what I'm hoping for you tonight!