Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Okay Y'all. The Hair

**Update**Thanks for the suggestions for miss Charlie! I need to run to Target :) I intended to get up earlier today to write a post about yesterday's appt. with the surgeon but my kids are already up and one is crying and the other is jumping in his crib--praying he doesn't get airborne and fly over the edge onto the floor as I write this. 

I'll write more later but the appt. was great-we feel much less anxious after hearing details about the surgery...he literally said, "It's no big deal," which is exactly what you want your surgeon operating on your child to think, right? He's not worried at all! He has done many like it, can be there quickly if needed, and can do it at my hospital so we wouldn't have to transport her. In Sean's sister Stephanie's words, "PRAISE!"

Gotta run--going to Mimi's house in Denton today with the kids :) 

It really needs some help. Maybe it's just the wind the last few days but her hair has taken a turn for the worse. I am getting worried.
To add to my concern, she has learned how to pull bows out so my only defense is now obsolete. 
Rubber bands? Does that make her look too much like Pebbles? Should I break down and start using gel or something? Promise not to judge me if I put products in my one year-0ld's hair?


Carley said...

She's so stinkin cute, though! :) Too bad she pulls out those little bows/clips you got her...I can't even fix my own hair so I'm no help...it's a good thing I'm having a boy. ha!

Emily said...

I started using rubber bands with Ally around age 1. We called her fountain head...I would put a bow on the rubberband as well. Around 18 months she got bangs cut b/c she would rip out the rubberband and bow and then her hair would hang in her face...so hmmmm...guess I am not that much help:)

Crissy said...

Well...Ashlyn - bless her heart....was lucky enough to get my hair. Poor thing. Just do what she does....flat iron...or is that just too unsafe for a one year old?

Emmy said...

I think the Pebbles look is cute. I tried it on Saturday and after the initial fussing, she forgot it was up there. It's either that, or cut the top layer off so that she has short bangs. Then they will curl better and not be so wayward.

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

I put product in my 1-year old's hair every day! I like his hair to lay to the side and if I don't it just lays forward! Try those little rubber- rubber bands. I think they have them at Target and you can get them really tight so they won't come out. I've used them in my nieces hair who also started pulling bows out! I think she is yummy just the way she is though!