Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Monday morning I went to my regular OB appointment and it's wild how different it seems now after going to many other "serious" appointments. My doctor and I cut up the whole time, talked about a mutual friend that we have through my church, and predicted (jokingly, kind of) that Joy will weigh 13-14 pounds at birth. I kept asking him, "How big am I measuring since I'm already answering the, 'Are you close?' question," and he kept saying, "BIG." He finally told me 28 cm, which means I'm three weeks ahead of where I should be. Ha! He gave me some info that I'd been wanting as a follow-up to a comment the specialist made that helped me. He said that by 32-34 weeks we'll know what to expect, meet with surgeons at my hospital if needed, and plan her delivery with confidence. I was excited to hear that he's 90% sure they can handle whatever surgery she will need right there without having to transport her or have me switch hospitals...a great thing since it's close to our house and I'm so comfortable there.  I've spent the last three years with those nurses!! I don't remember their names because when I'm there I'm HEAVILY MEDICATED THANK YOU JESUS but I know their faces. I also learned where we would go if they couldn't perform the surgery and I've been there to visit my friend Jamie when she had her little fireball, Lizzie. They took great care of them and it is not as foreign as having to travel to Houston. Not that Houston is foreign land but can you imagine transporting kids, family, friends and Sonic drinks to and from a hospital you're not familiar with? Me neither. And not only is there a Sonic close by, there's a Whataburger. Glory. 

Can I take a minute to tell you how important it is to get along with and trust your doctor? He's "The Man," second to Sean, in my book and I've always known he could handle whatever happened to me or my weird body.  Now, facing what may or may not involve outside doctors telling me what to do, I'm so glad he'll be there too, telling THEM what to do! 

I get to skip a whole week before going back to the specialist, which gave us great confidence in the situation. She seems relaxed about what's happening and she either has the gift of lying to patients or the whole thing is starting to look more and more positive. What a difference a week can make! The tumor is still comprised of three separate cysts and appears stable. We are still praying it will shrink and go away so that the issue will become a non-issue. We are pinching ourselves that things have leveled off the way they have in our house and we are filled with hope. God has been so good and continues to bring people to us with similar stories and positive outcomes. Right now we are just soaking up time with Ty and Charlie, knowing that they are truly the best things God has given us. They are both cutting teeth right now so it helps keep things in perspective :) 


Carley said...

God is good! :)

Miss Mommy said...

Glad to get the news- I am waaaaay behind on others' blogs :( but I can NOT believe that CPS woman...as if she has any rights with our kids... :) Glad she didn't say anything to me- I probably would have turned red and forgotten all the witty things I meant to say!
And, yes, I can imagine transporting 2 kids and NO Sonic or Whataburger to a foreign land...it sucks...glad that's not you!!

Anonymous said...

Today, I took them both to Willow Bend to play (lasted about 5 minutes before Trevor decided to play "catch me as I run for the exit.") Anyway, a lady there said "I hope God gave you an easy baby this time."... as if she'd read my mind. I'm hoping since she's a girl she won't be quite so "active?" I wasn't prepared for the negative feedback people offer... it's crazy!

Michelle said...

This all sounds good! Prayer is awesome. I can relate to measuring large...I am also measuring three weeks ahead! Giant babies are so fun!