Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Funniest Birthday

Not mine--my friend Jennie's. I've told you about Jennie before. Her son David is about three weeks older than Ty and up to this point, my play group has consisted of Me, Jennie, and our kids. We are having to beat new people off with a stick. If you want to join, just let me know. We're very selective. :) Carley will bring her little boy out with us I'm sure and she already joins us when she can to help with tantrums, shuttle kids to and from the car, and take pictures of funny moments. Like the one above. We all met for lunch to celebrate Jennie's birthday and David asked if we could go on the carousel. Sure, we said. Ty has never been on it so I had no idea how he'd react. See how well he did? HA! Thanks Carley for capturing the moment!


Carley said...

I love it! And I love that I road the carousel with you guys on my lunch break! The boys liked it once it started moving. :) I can't wait for Bun to join your play group. He's been attending for the past 7 months...he just doesn't know it yet. Soon enough!

Emily said...

So I take it Ty was not a fan?