Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's not very exciting

Sean got snowed in during work last week. Did I tell you that? He was also sick and tried to come home during his trip. He says he was never sick before he married me and now averages 10 respiratory infections a year. He's the sickest healthy person in the family. He finally gave up on getting home early and stuck it out-he wasn't contagious-and got home a day late due to the storm.

It was a long week around here but we were safe and warm. We know those are the important things but that didn't stop me from complaining...I'm sorry about that. Bless your heart you have no choice but to hear the complaining.

Daddy being home means there are a few more laughs around here. Some of them are at his expense. Like when he is in charge of dressing the kids.

Her hair is of course my favorite part.

But the Wild Child too-small t shirt is a close second. The shirt is a hand-me-down from her big cousin and hasn't fit since last summer. Never mind that he had to dig past mounds of suitable clothes to find this ensemble...yes never mind that.

Anyway. When he is home we try to take one of our kids somewhere by themselves so we can really concentrate on them. Sometimes it's a simple trip to Sonic and sometimes it's a longer or less convenient place that we wouldn't try with all three.

The zoo, the pool, or Florida, for example. Neither one of us is brave enough to try any of those with all our little toots in tow.

Ty and I went on a date to the music store, though not as a reward for being 100% potty trained. He'd hold it as long as he needed to if we didn't intervene with pull ups at night so he can go potty. Any advice?We just went so he could play the drums since he hasn't been in so long. You know, as motivation.

Yesterday afternoon the big kids got a little too quiet and Sean went to check on them. Next thing I knew I got this picture in a text from him. Big cheap fun at the expense of toilet paper.

I took Joy on my grocery run and she loved it. I usually go alone but she's started showing signs of cabin fever so she helped mommy get our groceries. She talked me into a few things like Kix cereal and some Cool Whip.

Ok the Cool Whip was my idea.

And Charlie helped me run errands. Can you tell I took the clothing duties back over?

Oh hi monkey. Yes I know Daddy struggles with the clothes. Mommy is here, mommy is here. It'll all be alright now.

Her boots are hilarious-they're from Ross but you'd think they were fancy as proud of them she is. "Boots! Charlie's boots! Wear it? Okay!!"

That's about it.

I told you it wasn't exciting.


Hattie said...

Sounds like good times at your house! I love that the kiddos TP the house for y'all! Too funny! Your kiddos are so cute!

Sarah Sharp said...
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Sarah Sharp said...

I had to delete my comment because I thought I had caught you lying about not having hats for the kids then you posted a pic of Joy in a hat. But then I went back and looked and you didn't claim not to have hats. Whoops!

As far as the complaining, I don't really think you complain. But if you do, I say we are asking for it every time we click on your blog and read it. :)

Emmy said...

I think Charlie looks good in both outfits - the hair bow on top of head is actually cute.

I am sure Joy helped you a lot at the grocery... especially in her snowman pajamas. At least you could talk to yourself while pretending that someone (the baby) was listening.

Carley said...

Love the toilet paper, love the outfits, love the drum and love the snowman pj's on an outing! ha! Joy looks cozy...I love taking Cody on outings and he almost always gets a "treat" of some kind! Yesterday I got him Kix after he ate Joys at lunch and liked them....and they are cheaper than the gerber snacks. :)