Friday, February 12, 2010

I'm thankful. Really I am

I'm thankful for the pretty snow. Really I am. It is so exciting to see this much of it and it's shiny and well, SNOW. We don't see it often. We've never seen this much of it. Ever in DFW. So I'm thankful. Really I am.

Can I voice just one tiny complaint though?

After lots of this, some puzzles, pretend cooking, and lots of music playing, I'm going out-of-my-mind-bored.

So I resort to things like this to keep myself entertained.

I'm thankful that we still have power. Really I am. I have no complaints about that. And I'm trying to squash the boredom complaint. It took me five tries to get my car up our driveway and into the garage yesterday so I'm not attempting to go anywhere yet. I didn't realize how go outside/go somewhere-dependent I was.

That's a lie. I knew how go outside/go somewhere dependent I was.

But I bet you didn't.


Michelle said...

I understand. So glad Justin didn't have to go to work until 12 today. Our agenda yesterday...color, puzzles, color, cook, puzzles, color! Today I was a bad mom and let me coughing son play outside. I just couldn't pass it up! Hopefully the breathing treatments will repair any damage I did!

Carley said...

I have thought about you all day! I know how much you like to get out. We got out and played in the snow some and Cody couldnt stop staring at it. I wish your street was better so we could come to your house and keep you company. Our street is fine....not sure about the rest of town but I was willing to try and see but if I couldn't get up your street then that would not be good. Hope you have a good afternoon and it goes fast. Sorry Sean is gone so you don't have him to keep you company.

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

I am so go outside/go somewhere dependent. Matt's office shut down yesterday so he was home. Thank Goodness!!! I made him drive us to my Mom and Dad's (an hour and 20 minutes away). Actually, I didn't make him, he offered and I said o.k.

Once we got on the highway the roads were fine and Ryder needed some time out of the house!

Miss Mommy said...

I hear ya. I HATE snow after living in IA and Scotland. Grr. I am also going-somewhere dependent, and I am fully aware of it.