Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The magic of Northpark

It was magical. It was spur-of-the-moment but we managed to score helpers to meet us there. It was a chance to practice showing our teeth, (practicing how to smile on command for pictures.)
For some reason I thought if I did it too he'd copy me. It's as if I forgot he was in front of me instead of facing me.
A fountain! Wow. A thing of sheer delight.
Popeye, have you seen this? It's the most beautiful (only) fountain I've ever seen!
They have fancy places to eat at Northpark. Take a look at our spread.
Joy practicing her new favorite move: The I wish I could get onto my feet from this position half herky. Does anyone know how to spell herky? Send me a message. Thanks. Spell check doesn't know what to do with me.
Ah her all-time favorite position. I have no idea how she can hold herself like that for any amount of time. It's like a constant ab workout.
Wow look at the pretty flowers. Let's see how fast I can run in all this open space! And there's mud! Woohoo
Our attempt at a pose. We were in the middle of looking at the ducks and turtles so as you can see, the kids all wanted to break free from the big people.
Oh freedom AND a tile floor=better than Disneyland.
Hey look! Nattie and Popeye are here! Sean worked weird days this week so I thought I'd do something different as well. When I picked Ty up from school I had the wild hair idea to go to Northpark and beg Emmy to meet us there. I didn't have to beg her because as it turned out she needed an excuse to skip her run. Done. I'm always good for that. When I told Mom we were going there she talked to Dad and I may or may not have played the "But you haven't seen the kids in over a week" card and it totally worked. Mom+Dad+Emmy=an easy outing for me!
When we were little kids my mom didn't let us do this but since it was before she got there Emmy and I decided to let the kids have at it. Mom, sorry. I know it's making you cringe.
Wow! Ducks! Turtles!
Charlie as close to Tiffany's as she's gonna get until her Mr. Wonderful goes shopping for her there. Honey, it's glamorous an all but a tad overpriced. We'll go to the New York store one day. Pinky swear. Except I don't.
Aunt Emmy and Joy making the rounds. I love this picture.

The End.


Lindsey said...

It is nice to "meet" you too! I've been reading your blog for about a month now- and I have to say I totaly love it. Its so neat to hear the daily joys, struggles and triumphs of other people! Makes me feel like we are all connected by the small, but wonderful things in life. I hope you dont mind that I've been enjoying your blog (I love your pics- makes me want to take a lot more)


ConnieMomaLightner said...

Looks like a really fun day! Can't wait to have one just like it!! : )

Sarah Sharp said...

Your mall beats the pants off our mall. Actually I rarely go to the real mall these days. I rarely go anywhere I don't have to but for shopping it is usually our nice strip mall close to the house. Is that a double stroller? A Mac? If so, how do you like it/is it worth it? I am looking at doubles. A friend gave us a Joovy double caboose sit and stand or something which is a nice stroller but a TANK. Will anchors down the front (34lbs) and it is impossible to turn so I think I want a side by side.

Mary said...

Sarah, it is a Mac and I didn't buy it! It was our Christmas gift when Charlie was born and I do LOVE IT. I went on the recommendation of my sis-in-law and have loved it. It fits in a single door, (barely,) and I've found it much easier to turn and use it in all arenas than my friends who have a sit and stand. I'd look for one at a resale store if I had to buy one but I would try to find one...I always used an umbrella stroller with the other two and I didn't like my car seat/stroller combo. Maybe I'm used to the umbrella feel? It also lays completely back on both sides and has tall handles. My husband couldn't care less about what kind of baby stuff we have but he comments all the time about how nice it is to not have to bend over to push their stroller. Hope that helps!

Michelle said...

There is nothing better than a "want to meet at Northpark" kinda day! Believe me, we have had SEVERAL of those, but after the puking incident at PF Changs, we might be staying away for a bit. Well, just until my sweet boy stops talking about it in detail!!! We really must get the kiddos together for a play date!

Anonymous said...

So so fun! Northpark is such a cool place! I love Ty's matches yours... and I love Charlie's hair (does she get her awesome hair from you?) I can't believe she was EVER compared to that Susan Boyle chick! lol. And Joy's favorite pose- it was Tatum's too! We called it her glamour-pose and she did it constantly! Oh, and Joy looks so much like your sister in that pic! Oh, and I want Chick-fi-la now.

Great post!

Carley said...

Cute post! I remember sliding on those when we would go to NP as kids....and looking at that same fountain. I love going out there....great memories and fun to do that with your kids now. Glad you got that impromtu outing and got to see your family! Sorry I missed play date yesterday...slow morning. Glad Sean comes home tonight and it was a short week for you!

Carley said...

Oh, and I love Joy's pose!! She's such a big girl! She'll be walking by her 1st birthday for sure!!

Jenny Seymore said...

How fun! I must tell you how much I adore Charlie's beautiful! Isn't it nice to have parents that will drop everything and meet us?

Rachel and Ian Kirkland said...

ohhhh it totally made me laugh out loud to see that pic of joy laying on her side like she was doing a bikini model pose. (only because joaquin does the exact same pose...must be the age) but it is so freaking cute! and the one of your family all together laughing is priceless. it completely captures the day!

Miss Mommy said...

Wow, 10 comments. :) Anyway, I am glad you love Northpark so much. I really dislike that it lacks a real play area. I had 2 pretty disappointed kids when I promised one there. Bummer.

Mary said...

Michelle, that place for us just isn't at Northpark...I lucked out! You're brave taking them to a real restaurant to begin with. I usually go right to the food court there. Sarah, it's one of the malls in the area-30 minutes from my house-they're not all like that! Ha. Mama Em, I yell myself that there are fewer vomiting virus germs at northpark because there isn't a play area...only the things like the fountain and rails around the pond which likely harbor twice as many germs since adults touch them too. I'm so rational and realistic you know. Actually I do feel bad that the kids were expecting a play area...that no fun at all

Mary said...

No Charlie doesn't get the hair from me. Well I have wavy hair now but as a little kid not at all!

Mary said...

Rach that's hilarious he does it too! It's a funny pose! Carley, Lord knows my kids don't do anything early or on time. Joy may be crawling but she has Wilborn blood!