Monday, February 22, 2010

I don't even know where to begin

So much has been happening this week I feel like my head is spinning--in a good way.
Joy got her first tooth this week. Actually she got two within a day of each other so I guess she got her first teeth. It was a long time coming. She's totally changed the way she smiles since I guess it feels funny to have, well, teeth in her mouth.
So proud of them she won't even show them to us.
Nope still can't see them
She's a toot, that one. You think she's all sweetness and then she gives you this look that says, "I'm planning, out."
Like right here when she was plotting a burglary of her sister's chips. These were at Mimi's house by the way. We went there on Saturday since Sean was home, (remember, sick but not contagious...) The kids haven't been in almost a month because once Ty started school we can't really go during the week. Once BSF stopped for me it got harder and harder to drive there but I'm always so glad when I make the effort.

Sunday we went to church then I got the day to myself and went to lunch and to see Dear John with the girls, (the adult ones.) That night we drove over to Coppell to eat dinner with some new friends and had a great time trying to keep the kids from breaking their glass decorations. Sean and Craig, (the man/dad/husband) fly together pretty often so we enjoyed getting to know his whole family. They offered to let us crash or should I say trash their pool this summer. Um yes. Every day okay?

Today I met a few friends at the Children's Museum in Ft. Worth. It was a huge success--which we agreed to define huge successes by the fact(s) that there were no huge screaming fits and no one got badly hurt. I think anyone would agree that with babies ranging in these ages, that WAS a huge success!

Heather and Joy are both blogging friends of mine and this was my first time to actually meet Joy and her kiddos. Heather and I pass each other in the halls at church taking and picking our kids up and have miraculously managed a few play dates too. It was a good morning to spend inside since the weather turned cold and nasty again. Have I mentioned how ready for Spring I am?

Charlie's favorite part was this bubbles display, which Joy said was her son Ryder's favorite part the first time he went to the museum.
Joy's favorite exhibit was this crack in the floor.
They (kind of) played together making the exhibits work.
Charlie shopped in the play grocery store
and we all three, (9) were still smiling by the end of it. Thanks for the good shot, Charlie.

Off to girls night tonight...really, I haven't been this busy in so long I forgot how fun it is to be social. I'm worn out ;)


We Three Smiths + 1 said...

We had so much fun today! Thanks so much for coming out! Love your pics! The one of all of us is too funny..Heather's kiddos are the only one's looking at the camera. Charlie is looking at Ryder, Ryder is looking at Charlie, Joy is looking at Rustin, Rustin is looking at the ceiling...what can you expect for 9 people! LOL!

Sarah Sharp said...

Oh that Joy is so precious! She just keeps getting cuter and cuter!

Is that a baby bjorn you are carrying her in? I have been using a peanut shell and have loved it but Reed's getting too big for the sling to lay in it but not quite big enough to sit up in it. My mom got me an infantino baby carrier but it doesn't seem to fit quite right - like too big around him maybe? Anyway Joy looks very snug and comfy in the one you have like it fits really well and I was wondering if its worth the extra $.

Mary said...

Oh that IS funny. I hadn't noticed that Heather's kids were the only ones. Way to go Heather! I'm just glad the youngest 6 weren't all screaming at that point.